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Colloidal Metals

Colloidal metals

Minerals and trace elements best in colloidal form

The fluids in the body like blood or lymph are colloids. Every human being has all elements in himself, in colloidal form. These reservoirs can be replenished by taking our products.

In colloidal form minerals and trace elements are perfectly available for our body - because it consists of colloidal liquids.

By taking the following measures you can determine which minerals or trace elements you are missing:

  •   Blood test
  •   hair analysis
  •   Bioenergetic tests (EAV, RAC, ...)
  •   Computer-aided diagnostics such as Oberon, BioScan, etc.
  •   Radiesthetic diagnostics (pendulum, tensor, one-handed rod)
  •   Kinesiological examination

In addition, you can read in the free brochure which one should take after the symptoms. 


Compounds of an element with other substances such as salts, e.g. silver salts or germanium citrate lactate, are not collagen. They must be broken down by the metabolism. Colloidal solutions, on the other hand, can be absorbed independently of the metabolism - via the mucous membranes.

What is the difference between minerals and trace elements?

Minerals are divided into quantitative elements and trace elements. Quantitative elements are all inorganic substances whose concentration in the body is more than 50 mg/kg: Sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and sulphur.

Trace elements are those substances which are present in the body in lower concentrations: e.g. chromium, copper, silicon, zinc, manganese, etc. The exception is iron: although it is present at about 60 mg/kg, it is one of the trace elements.

What is new about our colloids?

Our colloids are produced with a completely new method, namely by oscillations. This electro-physical process is called "proton resonance". The corresponding material is stretched and finally brought to decay.

In proton resonance, the starting material is strongly excited by its natural oscillation and then split off by an electrophysical process to the desired particle size and charge.

Thanks to this new manufacturing process, these collisions are far ahead of the solutions traditionally produced by electrolysis. In addition, only a few elements can be colloidally dissolved with electrolysis - only a few are suitable for this purpose. Try electrolysis with sulphur, calcium or carbon, for example. That is not possible!


Example goldwater: for the production of goldwater with a generator one would need 1000 times stronger current than with silver generators, in order to receive concentrations in effective ppm concentrations. This would require a room-filling generator with life-threatening strong currents. Commercial silver generators could only produce very weak gold concentrations in the ppb range (ppb = parts per billion).

The reason: Gold ions are 1000 times more difficult to remove from the metal lattice than silver ions. These are electrophysical laws. In addition, pure gold electrodes would be very expensive (several hundred € per pair).

Our colloids - produced with proton resonance - are therefore 

  •   with extremely fine particles
  •   of the highest purity
  •   highly concentrated

Extremely fine resolution

The proton resonance makes the particles extremely small - only a maximum of 10-30 atoms in size (depending on the element). And the physical law applies: the smaller the particles, the larger is the inner surface, i.e. the boundary surfaces. This means more efficiency for you at the same ppm concentration!

Imagine that: In a bucket full of large stones, these interfaces have about one DIN A3 sheet. The same bucket filled with fine sand has interfaces the size of a football pitch! The inner surface is therefore much larger, and that with approximately the same mass (weight). The thousands and thousands of grains of sand have much more extensive boundaries than the few stones.

This is also the case with the elements made of the same atoms: the smaller the particle size, the more extensive are the boundary surfaces - and thus the effective surface. Thus it is understandable that when choosing koll. minerals, the particle size plays an important role.

Highest purity

You will receive our colloids in previously unattained purity - 99.9999% ("Sixfold nine"). This is important so that the colloid particles, for example, do not combine with salts and thus become useless. Example silver water: in an impure dispersion silver ions can combine to silver nitrate.

Our coll. are produced with double distilled water and contain almost nothing but pure W. and the respective element.

Strong concentrations

Ours coll. Solutions are highly concentrated: From 44 ppm, many over 60 ppm.

The abbreviation ppm means "parts per million". It is used in medicine and chemistry to indicate the concentration of a substance in a dispersion medium. ppb means "parts per billion". In a 50ppm colloid, 50 mg of the substance is contained in one litre. 

When buying colloids, be careful: a 50ppm colloid needs twice as much as a 100ppm colloid to contain the same amount of the substance. The size of the particles is also a parameter.

There are two measuring methods to determine ppm: first, the atomic absorption spectral analysis, which can be ordered in the laboratory for approx. 70,- €. Secondly, the measurement with a laboratory precision balance before and after production of the colloid: in this way you can see exactly how much material has gone into the dispersers.


Each of our 28 colloids has its specific effects and properties. They are described in detail in the brochure about colloids (request free of charge).

By the way, a colloidal solution has completely different effects than a corresponding homeopathic remedy. The colloidal copper, for example, acts mainly on blood, blood vessels, nerve cells and connective tissue. Homeopathic Cuprum metallicum, on the other hand, is used for cramps, nausea or vomiting.

Colloidal fluids are not drugs and therefore not pharmacy-prescribed. Side effects are not to be feared, because colloidal compositions are also found in the organism. So you do not do anything foreign to the body.




Put the indicated amount on a spoon, take it and leave it under your tongue for one minute. Then swallow. Then drink a glass of water. It is best to use a plastic spoon so that different metals do not react with each other.

If you take several coll. in the same period, please leave a gap of 15 minutes between them. Please also keep a distance of at least 15 minutes between them to take stimulants such as coffee, alcohol and vinegar.


A very efficient form of income is by means of cold atomizers. Such inhalation devices are now even available from discounters.

A very efficient form of inhalation is the oral cold nebulizer. The colloids are atomized into tiny droplets and absorbed by the entire mucous membrane of the mouth and throat. A wide range of inhalation devices is available.


In addition, you can do an embrocation: Apply approx. 15 drops twice a day to the palms of your hands and rub upwards over the inside of the forearms into the crook of your arm. With silver water you can do this 4-5 times a day. To prevent bacterial contamination, avoid touching the pipette with your skin. 

Local use

You can also use the colloids externally - where they are supposed to work. A classic case is colloidal silver on wounds, bedsores or athlete's foot. Silver is also very helpful when applied directly to the nose.


Colloids can also be trickled directly into the eye, e.g. germanium, gold and silver. This local application can be done in addition to oral administration.


You can basically take all colloids in the morning - but there are some advantages if you pay attention: Iron at noon. Magnesium, silver and potassium in the evening.


Due to the small size of the particles, purity and high ppm values, the dosage can be kept very low - one bottle lasts for approx. one month. The different bottle sizes (200ml, 100ml, 50ml) indicate how much of the colloid should be taken:

  •   From a bottle with 200ml you take 30 drops
  •   With 100ml bottle capacity 15 Tr.
  •   And with 50ml bottles it should be 8 Tr.

It is best to use the pipette supplied for exact dosing. The pipette has a capacity of 3ml. 1ml corresponds to approx. 30 drops.

Shelf life

Our products stay fresh for a long period of time, at least one year. This is due to the blue glass bottles in which they are filled. Blue glass almost completely prevents light from entering the contents of the bottle. 

Exception coll. Silver: this can only be stored for 3 months. We label the coll. in our warehouse with date stamp. So we make sure not to sell anything that approaches the expiration date. So you always get a fresh and effective colloid.

There are two energies that affect shelf life: Heat and light. So keep the colloid as dark and cool as possible.

Please make sure that no radiating devices come near the product. This could be mobile phones, loudspeakers, electrical appliances, lighting or the stove. Please do not store the colloid in the refrigerator - the radiation of the electric would impair the quality.


For personal advice, call 09434 3029 (Mon-Fri, 10-16 hrs).

Resellers welcome (with trade licence or proof of practice)


Legal notice: Essences and oscillating agents are food within the meaning of Art. 2 of Regulation (EC) No. 178/2002 and have no direct effect on the body or psyche proven according to classical scientific standards. All statements refer exclusively to energetic aspects like aura, meridians, chakras, etc.

Due to the current legal situation, which is based on a very limited scientific and material view of the world, we must draw your attention to the fact that all information on these pages has not been proven by official and scientific sources.  

The following information comes from old mystery texts or traditions of alchemy, from a modern alchemical research group in the USA, from own experiences and alternative tests as well as from the feedback of our customers.  
We emphasize that many statements on the following pages are described as impossible or untrue by the official, scientific side.
And we hereby confirm that we make the statements on these pages to the best of our knowledge and belief, and are convinced of them!

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