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Supports the neutralisation of vaccination consequences through C-therapy with colloidal cobalt, colloidal germanium and colloidal fullerene60

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The Anti-Vaccination-Set

1. colloidal cobalt: the reconnector to the self
2. colloidal GERMANIUM: The all-purifier & O2-supplier
3. colloidal FULLEREN60: the super antioxidant & cell activator

Also helps healthy people with shedding symptoms due to contact with vaccinated people!!!


The synthetic ingredients of C vaccination (mRNA, spike proteins, graphene oxide and others) can be considered as a transhuman entity that is introduced into the body. Among other things, this requires iron as nourishment, and thus weakens the larynx in particular (incl. the thyroid gland). This is very dependent on iron and supports the expression of one's own genius. In addition, a synthetic filter is installed between the body/ego and the spirit-soul, which considerably impairs this connection, leading to significant changes of being and restrictions of consciousness. And the physical burdens of these technologies are so extensive that we do not enumerate them here.

Through this transhuman 'being', our multidimensional awareness becomes as if paralysed, and we become very open to the enslaving manipulations from outside, and even adapt them more and more as our own, thus becoming the plaything of the world elite. We believe more and more that these are our own opinions, while we experience supervised thinking through the media. Strictly speaking, through this process, a USB interface has been integrated into us, through which various programmes can be induced from the outside.


Here there are some solutions and aids from the realm of metals:

If Cobalt (CO) is introduced via the puncture site (an iron brother), this allows the larynx area to become stronger again, and our self and our independence can be lived better again. This is especially effective with changes in personality after the C-vaccination, as is unfortunately often observed. The inoculated 'being' is focused on iron and not on their brothers - like also CR-chromium, V-vanadium or MN-manganese.

The 'essence' introduced by the inoculation adheres to and acts in many other places in the organism, distributed through the blood. This can be counteracted by Germanium (GE), and at least parts of it can be eliminated and excreted.

Strong support comes at this point from the Fullerene (F6), as it participates in the control mechanism of the cells in the area of the microtubules. Simplified, microtubules can be thought of as the finest nanotubes that act on the basic control of the organism across all frequency ranges such as UV, IR, gamma, photon, light.

Lithium (LI) helps in particular with the spike proteins, which can also be absorbed indirectly, and it also counteracts the demon of dementia and Alzheimer's disease. As we know today, the brain does not manage to detoxify without LI and GE.

Sulphur (S) should also be mentioned here as a very important element in all its forms, as with its help the organism is well armed in the fight against spikes and the like.

Manganese (MN) as another iron brother protects the cells from oxidative stress and also counteracts the stress on iron.

With Gold (AU) one can additionally support the discharge process very well in case of resistance of the 'being' - external resistance or one's own inner resistance due to the attended thinking.


So the vaccinated person who wants to free himself again from the synthetic vaccination being and to be himself again, benefits most as a therapy basis by CO, GE, F6, and can extend these as described with LI, S, MN and AU.


SET content
1. colloidal cobalt 100ml bottle 50 ppm
2. colloidal germanium 200ml bottle 80 ppm
3. colloidal fulleren60 200ml bottle 40 ppm

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Legal notice: Essences and oscillating agents are food within the meaning of Art. 2 of Regulation (EC) No. 178/2002 and have no direct effect on the body or psyche proven according to classical scientific standards. All statements refer exclusively to energetic aspects like aura, meridians, chakras, etc.