Colloidal fullerene 60 (F6) 200ml

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Colloid in aqueous solution, 45 ppm, double distillate Ingredients: 99.999% pure fullerene in aqueous solution

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Colloidal Ionic Fullerene 60 (F6) 200ml

After diamond and graphite, fullerenes are another form of pure carbon. They have a special structure of twelve pentagons and 20 hexagons, which is rare in nature and is also called a "football molecule" because of its structure. Fullerenes have only been known for about 30 years, are very rare and are extracted in their natural form mainly as "schungite". They are also found in meteorites and in space. Depending on the number of carbon atoms they are also called "C60" or "C70". The most stable and best studied is the "C60" with 60 carbon atoms. Schungite is normally used to structure water and has ingenious effects. Prepared as collloids, they are even more interesting, as the special preparation ensures a special charge and thus enhances its special properties.

The importance of fullerenes in the body

Fullerenes and Oxidation
Fullerenes are among the most effective and long-lasting antioxidants ever tested. Their special electron configuration makes it possible for many free radicals to "stick" to their surface, react with each other and neutralize each other. The fullerenes themselves are not consumed, as would normally be the case with antioxidants. They can even enter into any number of compounds and neutralize an extremely large number of radicals without themselves perishing or being harmed in any way. Fullerenes thus effectively reduce wear and aging processes, even in the smallest doses, and the effect lasts long. Fullerenes, for example, remove superoxide, a toxic by-product of cell metabolism that causes tissue destruction in many diseases. Thanks to their lipophilic properties, they can easily pass through the cell membrane, bind singlet oxygen and keep it away from DNA. They are significantly more effective than ubiquinone (coenzyme Q10) and prevent fat peroxidation and iron-induced oxidation in cells. Fullerenes also offer some protection against radioactivity. Due to the binding conditions in the molecule, it can absorb and bind extremely many radicals. These radicals are particularly responsible for the aging process of the skin.  In a trial with rats in 2012, it was found that the age of the animals reached by fullerenes almost doubled. Furthermore, fullerenes should help to stabilize the mineral balance in the body and to restructure water molecules. The F6 also offers support in our biofield in dealing with electrosmog.

Fullerenes, Detoxification and Liver
The body cannot simply excrete environmental toxins, they accumulate and provide for increased formation of free radicals. Fullerenes protect the liver from damage caused by free radicals during detoxification through their antioxidant work. Fullerenes remove heavy metals.

Fullerenes and long life
Fullerenes can apparently even protect against oxidation processes so effectively that they have an extremely life-prolonging effect on rats. The rats lived almost twice as long. In this experiment, fullerenes were administered only twice a month.

Fullerenes and money roll formation
Experiments with colloidal fullerenes showed that after ingestion of 15 drops, the "blood roll formation" visible in the dark field dissolved within two minutes and the blood became more viscous.

Fullerenes and regeneration
Fullerenes normalize cell metabolism, increase enzyme activity and cell stability against external influences such as heat or viruses. The regenerative ability of the body tissue increases. It is observed that substances that have no longer worked can work again.

Fullerenes and nerves
Fullerenes normalize nerve processes, protect the nerves from overexcitation, influence the exchange of neurotransmitters.

Fullerenes and stress
Fullerenes act as adaptogens, improving resistance to stress.

Fullerenes, inflammations and allergies
Fullerenes have anti-inflammatory and antihistaminic effects, alleviating pain, suppressing the development of many allergic diseases and improving immunity. Fullerenes inhibit the rise of IgE antibodies and histamine release.

Fullerenes and Glyphosate
Fullerenes counteract the toxic effects of glyphosate.

Fullerenes and Bones
Fullerenes counteract the breakdown of bones. At least in animal experiments, they have also prevented bone inflammation and the loss of bone cells.

Fullerenes and growth of fat cells
Fullerenes can inhibit the growth of fat cells.

Fullerenes and bacteria
Fullerenes help white blood cells kill Group A Streptococcus bacteria that cause skin and throat inflammation, toxic shock syndrome, and acute bacterial infections.

Fullerenes And Cancer
Fullerenes show anticancerogenic and metastatic inhibitory effects in experiments.

Fullerenes and viruses
Fullerenes can deactivate viruses and have a cytotoxic effect.

Fullerenes and ALS
Current studies show that fullerenes delay the symptoms of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

Fullerenes and UV light
Fullerenes support, externally applied, also against damage by UV light. Due to their high electron affinity (radical scavenger) they are used in anti-aging creams.

Fullerenes are related to:
- Adaptogen
- allergies
- age spots
- Counteracting ageing processes
- Antioxidant, highly effective
- bacteria
- Blood thickening (low viscosity) Depression
- electrosmog
- detox
- inflammations
- Enzyme activity is supported
- Money roll formation (dark field)
- Tissue is regenerated
- glyphosate
- histamine intolerance
- immunodeficiency
- bone fragility
- osteitis
- Body tissue, regenerative ability
- cancer
- longevity
- liver protection
- Lack of liver detoxification
- Lack of vitality
- Mineral balance in the body
- nerve disorders
- Neurotransmitter, exchange
- tidying up
- radioactivity
- regeneration
- Regulation processes are triggered
- heavy metal rejection


For optimum absorption of colloid fullerene:
The aforementioned effect can be achieved by taking ½ to 1 teaspoon twice a day with a glass of water at mealtimes. The intake period should be at least 10 weeks. As with all other Kolloiden applies: even try out, not each body reacts equal. The spoon used should be made of plastic or wood (no metal!).

200ml bottle 45 ppm
Technological production from pure fullerene 60
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