Colloidal selenium (SE) 50ml

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Colloid in aqueous solution, 58 ppm, double distillate Ingredients: 99,999% pure selenium in aqueous solution

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Colloidal Ionic-Selenium (SE) 50ml

Selenium is one of the greatest allies of our immune system. Selenium is contained in the enzyme glutathione peroxidase (= GP), which protects cells from free radicals. Free radicals are created by the action of oxygen and UV light and have a destructive effect on tissue and all cell components. Free radicals are also responsible for cell aging, which explains why selenium can keep cells fresh and young.

While vitamin E as an immune substance mainly protects the oily-wet protective layer of the cell, the selenium-containing GP enzyme is used in the aqueous cell interior, in the cell nucleus and in the many energy combustion chambers - typically where free radicals attack particularly aggressively, such as in the eye.

Selenium ensures that the tissue remains elastic, that arteries do not clog, that blood pressure does not rise excessively and that the muscle cells (including the heart muscle cells) are always supplied with sufficient oxygen. The trace element prevents complaints and diseases and accelerates the healing process. The production of antibodies against pathogens and cytotoxins is also selenium-dependent. Together with vitamin E, selenium prevents cardiac dysfunction and thus prevents angina pectoris. If the ECG sounds the alarm, selenium may be able to help.

Selenium also accelerates the excretion of toxic heavy metals such as mercury, cadmium and silver and may also help to correct infertility. The function of the male testicles depends on a high concentration of selenium-containing proteins.

Important for our vitality is the selenium-dependent enzyme deiodinase, which is responsible for the activation of the thyroid hormone.

Infant food prepared from cow's milk only reaches about one third of the selenium content of breast milk. The fruit products used in normal baby food also contain very little selenium. This shows once again how important breastfeeding is.

The selenium content of the grain depends on the selenium content in the soil. The arable soils in Europe are relatively low in selenium, especially in the low mountain ranges and in the Alps, where glaciers and rain have washed a large proportion of the trace elements out of the soil over time. Also the monoculture and the use of chemical fertilizers practiced over many years is responsible for selenium poverty. Selenium, like most other trace elements, is easily boiled. Therefore you should avoid long cooking times in strong heat.


for the optimal absorption of colloidal selenium:
The above effect can be achieved by taking 1 TL once a day or ½ TL twice a day with a glass of water at mealtimes. The intake period should be at least 10 weeks. As with all other colloids: try it yourself, not every body reacts the same. The spoon used should be made of plastic or wood (no metal!).

50ml bottle 58 ppm
Technological production from pure selenium  
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