NEW: colloidal meteoric iron

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Colloid in aqueous solution, 45 ppm, bidistillate Ingredients: 90% pure iron meteorite in aqueous solution, 10% varying concentrations of nickel, silicon, magnesium, carbon, sulphur and chromium.

Art no.: KolloMFE100


Colloidal ionic meteoric iron (M-FE) 100ml

Meteoric iron is literally a gift from heaven. It is the only element of extraterrestrial origin of which we will never know how far it has travelled and what its home once was.

In the iron meteorite, as in all other meteorites (e.g. stone meteorite), there are only elements that can also be found on earth. It is known to science that meteorite impacts many billions of years ago were responsible for enriching our oceans with the existential elements of our life. The Earth was once a planet permeated by sulphur vapours. The iron-rich meteorites helped to detoxify the air as iron combined with sulphur. This is how life became possible.

The elements of our meteorite are about 90% iron, the rest is mainly nickel and small varying amounts of silicia, magnesium , carbon ,sulphur and chromium. About 99% of all meteorites burn up in our atmosphere. One property of meteorite iron is that it is much harder than earthly iron. In the past, meteorite iron was often used to make tools, knives and swords. It is more robust and more resistant to corrosion. Even with the most modern technology, it is not possible to imitate the properties of meteorite with the various elements.
In naturopathy, meteorite iron has long proved its worth. Brought into colloidal form, it is something very special.
It relieves anxiety and panic attacks without unwanted side effects. In acute conditions such as fear of flying, fear of exams, fear of death, etc. it can have an immediate calming effect without the unpleasant side effects known from anxiety-relieving medicines such as Tavor (drowsiness, dizziness). It is also excellent for children with school anxiety. From observation, Meteor-Fe also has the property of relieving depression in the long term.

In addition, it has the ability to make people susceptible to infections more robust, like an iron shield of cosmic steel.  As an inner light-bringer (due to a small amount of phosphorus), it is a loving companion in the cold season. It can also help people (or animals) to regenerate more quickly and get back on their feet after serious illnesses/surgeries. It has proven its worth in acute influenza and alleviates the course of the disease by helping the bronchial tubes to clear themselves by loosening stuck mucus. Like earthly iron, it can also be taken as a supportive measure for all chronic lung diseases.

Meteoric iron strengthens the entire organism from the inside out.

100ml bottle 45 ppm
Technological production from pure meteoric iron
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