Colloidal copper (CU) 100ml

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Colloid in aqueous solution, 65 ppm, double distillate Ingredients: 99.999% pure copper in aqueous solution

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Colloidal Ionic Copper (CU) 100ml

Copper as an element is ineffective in our body. However, in combination with certain proteins, it is responsible for important metabolic reactions. As part of a transport molecule, it already attacks oxygen radicals outside the cells. Together with the trace element zinc, copper also combats free radicals inside the cells. The aforementioned transport molecule transports iron particles into the spinal cord. There, iron is important for the production of red blood cells. Copper is necessary for the conversion of iron into haemoglobin. Copper makes the amino acid tyrosine usable. Copper provides the structure and elasticity of bones, ligaments, connective tissue, blood vessels and cartilage. The connective tissue cells excrete a copper protein which combines collagen and elastin fibres. In this way, copper ensures the elastic strength of the blood vessels. The colour pigment, which causes the skin to tan when exposed to the sun's rays, is also controlled by a copper enzyme. Copper is also involved in the breakdown of excess hormones such as histamine in the body. The protein histamine causes swelling and redness in inflammations.

Joie de vivre, euphoria and happiness are the simplest biochemical processes, based on enzymes and protein. The nerve stimulant dopamine is responsible for creating cheerful and harmonious moods. At the same time dopamine is also the precursor of noradrenaline. This hormone provides feelings of happiness and optimistic enthusiasm in the metabolism. The conversion of dopamine into noradrenaline requires an enzyme that contains at least two, probably even eight copper atoms. The same enzyme is also involved in the production of the important stress hormone adrenaline.

The trace element is actively involved in the formation and renewal of the myelin layer of the nerve cells. The moisture level of this cell protective layer is of decisive importance for the function of the nervous system. A copper enzyme is also responsible for this.

If too little copper is supplied to the body over a longer period of time, the protective layers of all nerve cells dilute. This can lead to nerve inflammation or tissue death in the nerve tissue. For this reason the copper supply is very important. The liver, the central organ of the copper metabolism, regulates the concentration in the body and in serum. Paracelsus recommended copper for mental illnesses, lung complaints and syphilis, Hahnemann for epilepsy and hysteria. In recent years, copper therapy has regained its importance. Inflammatory processes are often accompanied by a copper deficiency, as are carcinomas. It has an astringent and disinfecting effect. It is also important in cellular respiration and in iron metabolism. It occurs most frequently in the liver and brain. It increases dreaming, stimulates the picture world, strengthens the imagination. On the other hand, it also makes you neutral and open. Copper promotes sensuality and joie de vivre, a sense of justice and friendship.


physical - catalyst, detoxifying, antispasmodic, relieves menstrual cramps, promotes liver, brain and blood.
mental - devotional ability, mood balance, helps to endure
spiritual - receptiveness, sense of justice

Warning symptoms
Copper deficiency can cause the following complaints: General weakness, negative mood, premature graying of the hair, tendency to skin inflammation, difficulty breathing.


For optimum absorption of colloidal copper:
The above effect can be achieved by taking ½ TL 2x daily with meals and a glass of water. The intake period should be at least 10 weeks. As with all other colloids: try it yourself, not every body reacts the same. The spoon used should be made of plastic or wood (no metal!).


100ml bottle 65 ppm
Technological production from pure copper
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