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Flowing Tree Essences


Trees are so different that we cannot believe how similar we are. Trees and people. They are sentient beings and perceive their environment as we do. This is especially noticeable when we can see roots growing, which researchers have made visible to the world. They choose their path and decide on the best way to grow. In recent years, countless books and films have been produced on the subject of forests and trees. The fact that the forest decisively strengthens our immune defenses has now also been scientifically clarified, there is no longer any doubt. For more than 30 years, Dr. Qing Li has researched the healing power of the forest and developed the "Shinrin-Yoku" method, which is popular in Japan and meanwhile also worldwide, and is known in our latitudes as "forest bathing". It has been proven that various scents in the forest inhibit cell proliferation, stress is reduced, anxiety and depression are perceived in a different way and vitality increases.


This inspiration led to the FlussSein tree essences, which you can use like a perfume. They are pure tree scents, just like they are given to us by the trees and enrich your everyday life. The texts for each tree are derived from their cultural background, so that fragrance and text form a unity, support us in our growth and promote our well-being. Tree essences are a perfume that we use primarily for ourselves and not primarily for the outside, as we were used to from a perfume. The tree essences support us in our meditation or offer us an island of peace in our everyday life. We can experience the spirit of the forest and the trees in our everyday life anew and promote our inner growth. Spray the FlussSeine tree essences into your field, your aura, spray them on your wrists and neck. Basically you can use them anywhere on your body. They can also be used for massages and a few sprays in your bath will get the water going. There are no limits to your imagination where else you want to use them around and on your body.

Choice and possibilities

However, it has proven to be a good idea to intuitively choose the essence for which the wooden set is suitable. To do this, you can pull one of the thirteen woods from the bag. If you have a reference to astrology, you can choose your sun sign (zodiac sign) or ascendant. Another exciting way to choose the current tree essence is the moon calendar. If we have a ram moon, the pine tree would be announced. If we have a moon in crab, the linden tree. The signs of the zodiac are mentioned on the labels as well as in this brochure. However, the most important thing when using it is that we consciously take a short moment to let the fragrance take effect on us. Sentences often appear as if out of nowhere, showing us a positive version of ourselves or an image that you can perceive intensively within yourself. These words and images lead you directly to your self-empowerment and support you in your inner growth process.

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