Colloidal Lithium (LI+) 100ml

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Colloid in aqueous solution, 62 ppm, double distillate Ingredients: 99.5% pure lithium in aqueous solution

Art no.: KolloLI100


Colloidal Ionic Lithium (LI+) 100ml

Discovered in the lab in 1817. The name because this element was first found in the realm of stones.  Lithium is a diuretic salt in gout that affects the water balance. Li otherwise makes insoluble substances such as uric acid soluble. It is used therapeutically for psychoses, depressions and manias. The lung, followed by the liver, is the organ richest in lithium, but it is also found in the teeth and bones - bound to phosphoric acid. Lithium can partially replace potassium and sodium if there is a corresponding deficiency. It stimulates the formation of blood in the bone marrow. Together with zinc, it increases cellular immunity. Enzymes activated by potassium are inhibited by lithium. Lithium promotes the ability to remember, self-confidence and devotion.


Lithium: physical - against muscle tension, reduces the tension potential in the nerves, against increased nervousness, tremor, epilepsy, heart attacks. Alleviates nerve pain and rheumatism. Reduces cholesterol levels.
mental - mood stabilizer, antidepressant, mood-lightening, improves memory.
spiritual - humility and devotion, primal - memory


For optimal absorption of colloidal lithium:
The above effect can be achieved by taking ½ TL 2x daily with meals and a glass of water. The intake period should be at least 10 weeks. As with all other colloids: try it yourself, not every body reacts the same. The spoon used should be made of plastic or wood (no metal!).


100ml bottle 62 ppm
Technological production from pure lithium
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Legal notice: Essences and oscillating agents are food within the meaning of Art. 2 of Regulation (EC) No. 178/2002 and have no direct effect on the body or psyche proven according to classical scientific standards. All statements refer exclusively to energetic aspects like aura, meridians, chakras, etc.