NEW: Colloidal Bismuth (Bi) 100ml

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Colloid in aqueous solution, 55 ppm, Bi-distillate Ingredients: 99.999% pure bismuth in aqueous solution

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Colloidal ionic Bismuth (BI) 100ml

The word "bismuth" is a Latinised version of the old German word "Weißmuth" for "white substance". It occurs in the body only in minute quantities, but was used in medicine until the beginning of the 20th century in wound powders in the treatment of injuries and in infectious diseases or administered as a contrast agent in X-rays. Later, it was used against syphilis until it was replaced by antibiotics. Various bismuth compounds are still occasionally used today, for example against bad breath, gastritis and flatulence, as well as for diarrhoea and as an antiseptic. A special ointment for the treatment of inflamed skin areas in infants also contains bismuth. In another medicinal compound, it is used to treat eye infections.

Bismuth requirement
No daily requirement is known. Bismuth deficiency can be detected by energetic methods or by hair analysis, which also detects excesses.

Bismuth sources
Bismuth is found especially in roots, tubers and sea vegetables. For example, maca root and seaweed are sources of bismuth, but contain too small amounts of it to be therapeutically effective.

Bismuth supplements
Not commonly used as dietary supplements.


The importance of bismuth in the body:

Bismuth and duodenal ulcers.
As early as the 1980s, a comparative study found that the use of bismuth was virtually as successful in curing chronic duodenal ulcers as a commercially available drug developed for this purpose.
The antibacterial properties of bismuth appear to be the reason why it speeds up the healing of ulcers.

Bismuth and inflammation
Applying bismuth can help tissues heal faster because it contracts the top layer of cells in the skin, inhibits fluid release from the inflammation and seals the tissue. The same applies to application to the mucous membranes.

Bismuth and Helicobacter pylori
Bismuth restricts the overgrowth of Helicobacter pylori in the stomach and duodenum, regulates gastric mucus production and the amount of pepsin in the stomach. In the process, it possibly reduces the iron absorption of Helicobacter pylori. You should not stop using it too soon, otherwise you will have a relapse! Since Helicobacter bacteria do not tolerate bismuth, you may experience temporary stomach pain. In this case, drink a cup of hot, boiled water or take colloidal silver. Parallel to this elimination, a decrease and normalisation of the acute inflammatory process in the gastric mucosa can be observed. The background to this is the stimulation of prostaglandin synthesis, which plays an important role in inflammatory processes.

Bismuth and diarrhoea
Bismuth works against diarrhoea by reducing the flow of fluids and electrolytes in the intestines, reducing inflammation in the intestines and counteracting the organisms that can cause diarrhoea.

Bismuth may be indicated in the following cases:
- Bacteria such as Helicobacter pylori
- Diarrhoea
- Inflammation
- gastritis
- haemorrhoids, painful
- Helicobacter pylori
- Itching
- Stomach problems
- Bad breath
- Syphilis
- Wound treatment and care
- Duodenal ulcers


100ml bottle 55 ppm
Technological production from pure bismuth
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