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virgin olive oil enriched with ozone-oxygen, highly ionised

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Colloidal ionic ozone oil (O3) 100ml

Ozone and oxygen are relatives and have healing powers due to germicidal and disinfecting effects. As early as 1896, the famous inventor Nikola Tesla developed the first ozone generator and around 1900 produced the first ozonised olive oil, which he sold to doctors. But it was not stable and so his development did not catch on. Today, we are further along. Although colloidal ozone oil cannot perform miracles, it offers a number of interesting application possibilities that can help with annoying "little problems".

Connoisseurs of colloids say: "If I could take only two things of my choice with me to a desert island, I would take colloidal gold - because gold dissolves all resistances and I wouldn't mind that then - and I would have ozone oil with me. Because nothing can be used as broadly as ozone oil, nothing holds so much help for all kinds of ailments."
Colloidal ozone oil is finely dispersed ozone in virgin olive oil. Ozone is an energetically charged form of oxygen and consists of three oxygen atoms instead of two, as is the case with normal oxygen. Breathing it in is harmful, as we hear time and again when ozone is present in summer. But ozone is also used by nature as a cleaning agent. After a lightning strike, for example, the air is particularly fresh.

Only attacks pathologically changed tissue
Ozone oil on the skin, on the mucous membrane, on the nail uses the cleansing effect of ozone. The additional oxygen atom splits off after a short time. The split-off oxygen singulettes can bind to pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, moulds, yeasts - and possibly even cancer cells - which all have one thing in common: They do not like or tolerate oxygen. Together, oxygen and oxygen-singulet seek out all the above-mentioned disruptive factors and diseased tissue and destroy them by breaking down their protective membranes of phospholipids and lipoproteins, which leads to their death or at least prevents growth and reproduction.
The advantage over other disinfection options (such as biomimetic disinfectant based on water and salt) is the greater penetration depth of the ozone oil. This effect results from the combination of colloidal ozone and the fatty acids of the olive oil. As a result, deeper-lying inflammations are also covered to a certain degree.

Application on the skin: Skin, foot, nail fungus
When used externally through the skin, ozone is released onto the surface of the skin and the underlying tissue over a period of hours. It reduces germs and viruses over a larger area and even more intensively than colloidal silver, for example. It also provides the tissue with a high level of oxygen. Some examples of the wide range of applications are external fungal diseases such as skin, foot or nail fungus. Fungi are also reduced by colloidal silver, but surviving spores can cause the infection to flare up again. Ozone oil, with its much more intensive effect than silver particles can naturally have, often "cleans everything away".
away over a large area". But here, too, the rule is: Don't stop treatment too soon, because if there are still spores left, the fungus will multiply again!

Neurodermatitis and other skin problems
Neurodermatitis is made worse by scratching, because infections are added. Ozone oil helps with itching and against pathogens that live in the injured tissue. For children, however, colloidal silver, which is also antibacterial, is usually used, while ozone oil is more effective for adults. Ozone oil often helps with other skin problems, such as pimples, boils, eczema, open wounds, ulcers, cuts, scars from surgery, sagging skin, sunburn, sweaty feet, wrinkles or age spots. It can be successfully used in age care. Due to the strong oxygen supply of the skin and the underlying tissue, there are sometimes strong initial optical reactions (reddening), almost without exception painless, it is either an initial worsening or the indication of a lack of blood circulation or a congestion (lymph blockage).

Ozone oil as an indicator of disorders
Interesting for therapists: If you rub someone's back with ozone oil and wait about thirty seconds, roll up a towel and pull it with pressure down the back from the neck to the coccyx, reddenings will appear shortly afterwards that give indications of stressed organs or body regions. The "signs" appear in certain zones that can be assigned to body regions or they have the shape of an organ. A possible explanation for this is that the reflex zones of stressed body regions are generally less supplied with blood, as they are energetically undersupplied, and the ozone oil, which promotes blood circulation, indicates the change by reddening.

Application in the oral cavity
Ozone oil can be used for many problems in the mouth. For example, brushing the teeth with ozone oil not only makes the teeth whiter, it also strengthens them and cares for the gums at the same time. It is extremely helpful for inflammation of the gums. It also helps with indefinable toothaches, which still require a visit to the dentist, but which, when relieved by ozone oil, point more in the direction of a gum problem than - the even bigger problem - the tooth itself is affected. Sometimes even the tooth nerve can be positively influenced by ozone oil, the penetration depth of the ozone oil plays a role here. Ozone oil is often used for tongue plaque, caries, periodontosis, aphthae or bleeding gums.

Use for haemorrhoids
Haemorrhoids itch, burn and can bleed. In any case, the first stages can take a long time before they become really bad. Valuable time in which to try ozone oil. Applied externally several times a day, it improves circulation and inhibits inflammation. You can even put a few drops in with an enema if internal haemorrhoids are bothering you. Of course, this is not an adequate treatment for advanced haemorrhoids, but it often provides resounding relief in the beginning.

Internal use
Ozone oil inhibits the multiplication of viruses. It is also used for intestinal fungi (candida), intestinal parasites (e.g. giardia and other small intestinal parasites) or bacterial infections (e.g. clostridia and other malformations, Lyme disease). Ozone oil eliminates environmental toxins such as CFCs, PCBs and formaldehyde.
For animals, a few drops of ozone oil can be dribbled onto the paws of the dog or cat to lick off parasites. Or put a little oil on a piece of sausage for the dog or in cheese spread for the cat.
To clarify strong reactions, always start very carefully with internal intake. On 2 days, drink 1 drop in a little water or (cold) tea. If this is tolerated, take 3x2 to 3 drops on 3 days. Then take 3x5-6 drops on 5 days and 3x10 drops for 20 days.

Oil pulling with ozone oil
Keep a sip of ozone oil in your mouth for about 15 minutes, pull it through your teeth, then spit it out and rinse your mouth (do not swallow the oil!!) - frees you from toxins and microbes. You can also add about 10 drops of colloidal zinc oil, because in the mouth area there is often a higher heavy metal load in the tissue due to amalgam. Zinc oil contains sunflower oil, which is very rich in lysine and can absorb microbes particularly well.

Our ionic ozone oil is "real" ozone oil
The ozonised olive oil produced by Nikolas Tesla was very difficult if not impossible to preserve; it disintegrated again very quickly. After opening the bottle two or three times, the maximum amount of additional oxygen was still in the bottle. That is probably why it did not succeed. If, on the other hand, ozone, which is 2000 times more powerful than oxygen, really succeeds in integrating into the structure of the oil and thus making it durable, then of course you can achieve much more with it than with ozonised oil. This has been achieved in the Ionic Ozone Oil. As a "real" ozone oil, it can be kept for many months. However, the production is very complex. The glycerine molecule of the native oil is stimulated to expand with the help of proton resonance. It begins to "breathe" for almost seven days, absorbing more and more ozone and oxygen until it is saturated.


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Contents: virgin olive oil enriched with ozone-oxygen (03), highly ionised
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