NEW: Colloidal Germanium Oil (GE) 50ml 1000 PPM

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Colloid in oily solution, 1000 ppm Ingredients: 99.999% pure germanium in oil

Art no.: KolloGE50


Colloidal Ionic Germanium OIL (GE) 50ml - 1000 ppm

Our colloidal germanium oil can be used especially for the treatment of scars, various skin growths and tumours (also cancer), inflammations and pigment disorders, as well as for other cosmetic purposes, wherever there is a need for more oxygen in the cells!

Spectrum of action:
The germanium dissolved in the oil is identical to the application possibilities and effective ranges of the liquid, water-based colloidal solution. Due to its oily consistency, it is particularly suitable for external use.
To achieve an optimal effect with the colloidal germanium oil, please apply it directly on and around the local wound, scar or skin growth, or for cosmetic purposes on the desired skin areas! A few drops are enough!

50ml bottle 1000 ppm
Technological production from pure germanium
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