Colloidal silver (AG) 500ml

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Colloid in aqueous solution, 50 ppm, double distillate Ingredients: 99,999% pure silver in water

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Colloidal Ionic Silver (AG) 500ml

Silver was already used over 2000 years ago by rich Romans for wound healing and as a substitute for antibiotics. At that time it was ground to the finest powder. As soon as the pharmaceutical industry and your antibiotic were born, silver disappeared from the scene. Today people remember the advantages of silver again.

The precious metal reliably kills bacteria. Manufacturers of medical products use this property. This is how the report begins in Apotheken Umschau:

"The precious metal keeps germs in check and can thus lower the risk of infections."

Already estimated in antiquity

Even in ancient Persia, wealthy people drank from silver-coated cups, both for aesthetic and hygienic reasons. With the discovery of penicillin and the triumph of antibiotics, the antibacterial effect of silver was forgotten. Only since bacteria developed increased resistance to antibiotics have scientists returned to the use of silver. Nanotechnology makes it possible to process silver as the finest powder, explains Dr. Georg Veltl from the Frauenhofer Institute. Silver ions attack the germs and kill them reliably. This type of disinfection has many advantages: Because bacteria react so sensitively to the metal, comparatively low concentrations that are not toxic to humans are sufficient. Test series and clinical experience to date show that silver loses its effect on certain germs and is extremely low. In addition, allergies are virtually unknown with the necessary small amounts of silver. Colloidal silver water is still far superior here, since it is distributed with the blood circulation (blood is also a colloid), and can reach all parts of the body. And in contrast to the powder form is even more effective. The mode of action is the same, but that of colloidal water is more efficient.


Help with chronic wounds

The fields of application are manifold: Silver-containing dressings support the treatment of poorly healing chronic wounds. They are also used in the treatment of burn injuries. Neurodermatitis patients also benefit. Noticeable consequences: less irritation, less itching, swelling and redness, as well as weeping spots. Whether acne, neurodermatitis, athlete's foot, burns, cuts or abrasions, eye inflammation and much more. The affected areas are simply sprayed with the colloid several times a day. The effect will not be long in coming. Even hospitals use silver-containing catheters to prevent the risk of dangerous life-threatening infections. Diabetics can reduce the risk of poorly healing "diabetic foot" wounds.

Medical journal reports and documented studies of the last hundred years speak of no side effects from orally or intravenously administered silver colloid, neither in animals, nor in humans.


It has been used with excellent results in highly acute health problems. Without exaggerating: It is time to recognize colloidal silver not only as the safest but also the most effective medicine in the world.


The American FDA (Food & Drug Administration) regards colloidal silver as a natural remedy. Since our colloids can also be taken orally, internal organs can also be reached. From gastritis to vein inflammation. The application possibilities are almost unlimited. Whether you want to fight dangerous parasites or annoying athlete's foot - the broad-spectrum effect is unsurpassable.



Short summary:

Colloidal silver can be used on/for:
Acne, warts, dandruff, herpes, athlete's foot, psoriasis. Prevention of underarm and hand perspiration, as a household disinfectant. For viral infections, bad breath, gingivitis and inflammation of internal organs, rheumatism, asthma. For bronchitis, pneumonia and skin tuberculosis. For chronic cough, sinusitis and sinusitis. For fever and colds, eye infections, open legs and wounds, cuts, burns or abrasions, and blood parasites. Skin cancer.


For optimal absorption of colloidal silver:
The above effect can be achieved by taking 1 TL once a day or ½ TL twice a day with a glass of water. As with all other colloids: try it yourself, not every body reacts the same. The spoon used should be made of plastic or wood (no metal!).


500ml bottle 50 ppm
Technological production from pure silver
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