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MANNA & Monoatomic Elements

MANNA - Monoatomic Gold® 
& other monoatomic Elements

The original Elixier - since 1998 - with guaranteed alchemic production!

Manna is the strongest and best Monoatomic Gold Product, which we found on the Worldmarket so far!

Gold-plate your body, mind and soul with the “Divine Bread” of the initiates for speeding up your evolution, improvement of your consciousness, restoration of your physical superconductivity and energy upgrade of your DNA

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Monoatomic Gold has been known in all gnostic schools since the ancient Egypt and has been taken by initiates (like Plato, Aristoteles a.o.) to expand their consciousness, to heighten their vibration and to activate the complete DNA-potential.

The Hebrews called it “Manna” or “Bread of God”, the Egyptians “Tear from the Eye of Horus”, the Indians “Vibhuti or Bhasma of Gold”. In alchemy it is considered as “Calx of Gold”, which helps to transform the “lead” of the human mind (the ego with its negative, dense structures) into “Gold” (the Divine Soul).

It exists only to 5/9 on the physical level and is therefore "the Spirit and the Soul of Gold" (the metallic gold is the body).It is not to be confused with colloidal gold which still retains in a metallic even if colloidal state.

Also today’s science explores Monoatomic Gold more and more because of its astounding characteristics. It has an entirely modified atom structure compared to the original metallic state.(see figure above).Monoatomic Gold and other monoatomic elements also occurs in nature in minimal amounts. It can only be transformed permanently by man through an alchemistic process from pure, metallic gold into a monoatomic state!

Auch von der heutigen Wissenschaft werden Monoatomische Elemente aufgrund ihrer verblüffenden Eigenschaften mehr und mehr erforscht, denn sie besitzen eine völlig veränderte Atomstruktur gegenüber dem ursprünglichen metallischen Zustand (s. Abbildung oben).

Monoatomische Elemente existiert in Spuren auch in der Natur (z.B. Vulkanerde). Sie können vom Menschen jedoch entweder durch einen alchimistischen Prozess (wie dies seit langer Zeit praktiziert wird) oder seit wenigen Jahren auch mit neuesten Technologien dauerhaft aus den reinen Metallen in den 5. monoatomischen Zustand überführt werden!

Monoatomic Gold and also other monoatomic elements should have unique physical and energetic characteristics:

• It is a superconducter at room temperature, shows characteristics of energy production and can receive, save and release light/information/energy without loss.

• Its electrons bond with the anti-electrons and form opposite momentum light-bands that rotate around the oval nucleus (see figure).

• Simultaneously it creates a light Prana-Vortex that is spiraling along a double helix through the atom nucleus and equates kundalini energy.

• It creates an independant zero magnetic field (Meissner Field) around itself, which equates the Mer-Ka-Ba of humans. Mer-Ka-Ba is the light body of human beings (from the Egyptian: MER = light-bands bonded together and rotating in opposite directions, KA = energy of life and spirit, BA = soul / MER-KA-BA = Spiritual power of life and soul melt together and form a unity that creates light-bands that rotate in opposite directions and surmount space and time).

• Monoatomic Gold only exists to 5/9 on the physical level.

• Pure Monoatomic Gold levitates on the Earth’s magnetic field.

• It doesn’t wear off and its function and its durability is everlasting

According to a group of alchemists who took Monoatomic Gold over several years and who have given it out and tested it within a spiritual union, it is absorbed by the body when taken and among others enhance the energetic conductivity of DNA up to 10.000. This has even been confirmed in laboratory tests in the USA.

This group was able to monitor the following physiological and energetic reactions that correspond to the ancient traditions (from Egypt, the Bible, the Vedes and the Alchemy) (we can confirm some of these informations from our own experience).

• The aging process is to be reversed by the energetic repair of defective DNA programs. It acts juvenescent and expands the vital DNA life span.

• Damaged cells or energetic disfunctions are to be regenerated (even brain cells).

• The endocrine gland system is supposed to be energetically activated in a strong way, especially the thymus, pineal and pituitary gland.

• The flow of light quantum/photones within the nerve and meridian system is supposed to be intensified and increased permanently.

• The self-healing powers are supposed to be improved considerably.

• The superconductivity of the DNA is supposed to be upgraded and its energy flow is to be increased up to a 10.000 fold.

• An intensiv emotional cleaning and stabilisation is to be initiated.

• A considerable improved performance and stress resiliance appear.

• You are to be more centered and considerably more stable in your midst.

• You are to be more aware of solutions rather than problems because you see yourself but also the outside clearer and clearer.

• Manifestation effects of the thoughts are to be increased.

• Intelligence expands to a higher level of the spirit.

• Frequency of the chakras and bodies is to be heightened.

• Awareness is to be expanded and the mental-spiritual abilities are to be activated.

• Kundalini-Energy is to be increased harmonically.

• Sleeping ("supernatural") potentials are to be awakened

• The levitating qualities of the Monoatomic Gold lead to an all around elevation of the quality of life and the consciousness on all levels (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual)


Monoatomic Elements are the substances described in ancient mystery texts that supports us humans during the present time of transformation (until 2012 and beyond that) and the inner alchemistic processes connected with it and that it leads to a good "end". It is helping us to really reach and to realize the already long announced "New Eon" of a universal consciousness!


The basic effects of Monoatomic Elements are identical in every person. But the individual changes that - experienced subjectively - are released, are certainly very different. Depending on how aware someone already is (has released or transformed dense energies, meditates, practices mystery-work and so on). 

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Overview of all 20 + 1 Monoatomic Elements

Distributers, therapists or healing practitioners worldwide are welcomed
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NOTE: We should like to point out that "Manna - Monoatomic Gold" is no remedy in the sense of scientific medicine! In fact it is a natural nutritional supplement which occurs in minute amounts in nature as well (for example in volcanic soils or in fruits and vegetables ripened by the sun on fertile soils). Our body needs monoatomic elements as well as metallic, colloidal trace elements.


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