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Spiritual music

Joseph M. Clearwater's "Light Classic Psychophonic"

Unique, healing music - NEW also tuned in 432 & 528 Hz!

The compositions of LIGHT CLASSIC PSYCHOPHONIC touch in the depths of the soul, cause there holistic healing and have their own spiritual-energetic character, which is unique in its kind.

Joseph M. Clearwater is the creator of LIGHT CLASSIC PSYCHOPHONIC. He has been composing in this form as a music medium for fifteen years. For many years he accompanied the meditations with his music live in the seminars of the Blueberry Forest Institute, thus dynamically intensifying and deepening the experiences of the participants. In doing so, he gained a lot of experience in the effect of music on people and matured into a unique music channel, which masterfully knows how to combine spiritual energies with soulful compositions.

The result is music that not only touches but also has a spiritual effect. Ideal for use as meditation music, accompanying healing sessions and massages, for the relief of illness and psychological difficulties, as background music in practices and much more. (especially children and animals react very strongly to it).

Why music makes you happy (report from BIO Magazin 2/2011):
"Music lovers and researchers alike have known it for a long time: listening to music has a positive effect on health and well-being. For a long time the scientists blamed the "happiness hormone" serotonin for this. However, research at the Canadian McGill University recently showed that listening to music activates a completely different, but also happiness hormone: dopamine. The brain reacts in the same way when listening to appealing tone sequences as it does to psychotropic drugs or the consumption of particularly delicious food, and releases the blissful messenger substance.

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