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Spiritual Seminars & Webinars


Since 1984 we have been accompanying our fellow human beings on their path of earthly and spiritual growth. We offer healing, well-founded and effective help for self-help, so that each participant can independently and self-responsibly continue on his or her path of life with a higher quality of life.
In our seminars, together with our spiritual friends, the Ascended Masters, we create optimal conditions and provide effective support, so that you can be lovingly healed of negative behaviour patterns, consciously recognise your divine abilities and live these in your everyday life.
With customized meditations, exercises and healing work
we support you to dissolve the old limiting structures in your chakras and in your fine material bodies down to the physical cell consciousness and to replace them with your unlimited divine consciousness.
Old injuries and blockages dissolve and your true life essence, your eternal light and your unconditional love, can flow again into your physical everyday reality.
Our many years of experience as seminar leaders and healers, our clairvoyant perception, as well as the superior cooperation with the Ascended Masters, who accompany each seminar, enable us to provide optimal care before, during and even after our seminars.
The spiritual basis of our work consists of ancient knowledge, which can be found in numerous cultures of the past (Atlantis, Vedas, Maya, Aborigines, Egypt, TCM etc). These universal laws of life have also been discovered and confirmed in more recent times in the new sciences: In quantum physics, morphogenetics, biology, astronomy and many more. Fortunately, mysticism and science are getting closer and closer.
The way through experience:
You are much more than you think!
You create everything you want to create!
You use all your chances and abilities!
I AM a successful creator of my reality!
The goals of our seminars:

- Comprehensive improvement of your quality of life
- Healing of physical and mental diseases
- Solutions and answers to your current life questions
- Development of your natural spiritual senses (6th & 7th sense)
- Extension of your love, creativity, joy of life and zest for life
- Recognize and realize your unique destiny
- Recognition and application of the universal laws of creation
- Access to your previous incarnations and higher aspects
- Multidimensional surfing in the "universal Internet" (spirit journeys)
- Being one with your divine origin: The I AM Presence
The Inneractive Aura System is always present during the seminars! You will become clairvoyant and see your aura and chakras for yourself!
live on a screen! With this aura system you have the possibility at our seminars to see the changes in your aura yourself and to learn more about them. You will check which chakras work optimally and which should be stimulated, which energies they generate and what else you can still master!

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