CD Manna 432 Hz

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by Joseph M. Clearwater's "Light Classic Psychophonic"

Art no.: CDManna


Unique, healing music

The compositions of LIGHT CLASSIC PSYCHOPHONIC touch in the depths of the soul, where they cause holistic healing and have their own spiritual-energetic character, which is unique in its kind.

Joseph M. Clearwater is the creator of LIGHT CLASSIC PSYCHOPHONIC. For fifteen years he has been composing as a music medium in this form. For many years he has accompanied the meditations with his music live in the seminars of the Blaubeerwald-Institut, thereby dynamically intensifying and intensifying the experiences of the participants. In doing so, he gained a wealth of experience in the impact of music on humans and matured into a unique music channel that masterfully combines spiritual energies with soulful compositions.

The result is a music that not only touches but also has a spiritual effect. Ideal for use as meditation music, accompanying to healing sessions and massages, for the relief of illnesses and mental difficulties, as background music in medical practices and much more. (especially children and animals react very strongly to it).

Why music makes you happy (report from the BIO Magazine 2/2011):
Music lovers and researchers alike have known it for a long time: music listening has a positive effect on health and wellbeing, and scientists have long blamed the "happiness hormone" serotonin on this, but recent research at McGill University in Canada has shown that listening to music but also a lucky hormone, is activated: the dopamine, the brain reacts when listening to appealing tone sequences in the same way as on psychotropic drugs or the enjoyment of particularly delicious foods and pours out the blessed messenger substance. "

CD with the music of the Monoatomic Gold
NEW: In 432-HZ frequency! Now even more effective...
The healing sound of the Monoatomic Gold awakens the soul potential of wisdom at all levels - enlightenment and salvation. It strengthens the sense of indestructible values, encourages all spiritual development, opens cosmic-divine realms and creates an impenetrable golden "protective mantle".

Qualities: Qualities: order, dignity, stability, abundance, security, warmth, intimacy, experience, wisdom, joy.

Assignment: The color gold symbolizes the gold - the noble metal, as security & solar heat, which produces these qualities in man on the soul level.

1. Music for the Physical Body (18:17)
2. Music for the Emotional Body (16:01)
3. Music for the Mental Body (15:31)
4. Music for the Spiritual Body (14:56)

The gold music perfectly complements the effect of monoatomic gold.