TREE OF LIFE - Mixture of 8 Monoatomic Elements

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Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements (O.R.M.E.) Unique blend of the 8 monoatomic elements of the platinum group

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Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements (O.R.M.E.) Unique blend of the 8 monoatomic elements of the platinum group

In this unique mixture of the 8 monoatomic elements of the platinum group, put together according to old recipe, the effects of the individual mono-elements increase and form higher synergies. TREE OF LIFE works for the purification, transmission and expansion of our consciousness tree or inner world tree, which we actually are as multidimensional beings of light. In the ancient traditions, it is described as rejuvenating, DNA-optimizing, curative, intelligence-enhancing, mind-expanding and enlightening.  

We recommend TREE OF LIFE to suport:

The central support element is the gold, forming the multidimensional channel between heaven and earth, subconscious and superconscious, ego and soul. It potentiates the modes of action of the other elements and aligns them to the frequency of the mind-soul.

Silver is the superordinate principle, which intensifies the intuition, creates the emotional connection to the soul and, together with the gold element, harmonizes the most different polarities harmoniously.

Platinum opens the depth worlds, leads into the limiting and harmful ego identifications and confronts with the shadow areas and the negative qualities of the unconscious. In connection with the gold, an all-embracing transformation and increase of these negative qualities is initiated.

Palladium supports the first levels of awareness, examines the limiting attitudes, experiences, and patterns, and prepares the energetic and neurological systems for successful transformation processes.

Ruthenium and rhodium are refining companions that bring to the surface other ego patterns that distort or prevent our multi-dimensional mind-soul potential and awareness. These are in turn raised and transformed in conjunction with the gold. At the same time they expand the channels into the higher worlds of the mind and the soul.

Osmium leads into the details and 'corners' of the unconscious spaces, examines the readiness of our liberation process and supports the complete purification and clarification of the topics to be healed.

Iridium activates the dynamics of implementation in everyday life on earth, which ultimately enables us to naturally and self-evidently carry out the internal transformations and enlightenments.

In addition, all modes of action come into play, as described in the individual monoatomic elements of the platinum group!


Technological production of the 8 pure metals of the platinum group (99.999%)

Contents: 8 Monoatomic elements in double distilled water, according to old recipe in the optimal ratio matched:
Monoatomic Gold 55ppm, Monoatomic Silver 50ppm, Monoatomic Platinum 50ppm, Monoatomic Palladium 50ppm, Monoatomic Iridium 65ppm, Monoatomic Osmium 65ppm, Monoatomic Rhodium 60ppm and Monoatomic Ruthenium 65ppm

Recommended intake: 2x10 drops / day = approx. 1/4 pipette
(in the morning after waking up and in the evening before going to bed,preferably under the tongue and salivate)

ATTENTION:: If taken in the morning, due to the strong transformation effect it can lead to temporary disturbances of the normal everyday functionality and work achievement!

100ml bottle
about 3-4 months supply

Ready for shipment within 2 - 3 days


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