Monoatomic VANADIUM (V) 30ml

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Real Technologically Produced Monoatomic Vanadium

Art no.: monoV30


Monoatomic Vanadium (V) 30ml

Improvement of the dynamics of manifestation; focusing of thoughts, ideas, visions, dreams and spiritual seeds; crystallization of the spiritual into matter; clarity of many different inspirations; basic support of clarity and goal-direction; Connecting heaven and earth, male and female, light and dark; realizing new ways of life, pulling like a plough deep furrows into the fabric of reality to plant new seeds; liberation from old realities, patterns, states and life situations. Is opened upwards like a funnel to condense the spiritual-emotional cornucopia downwards. Support for handling and directing the CHI energy, soft and gentle or hard and penetrating. Creation of an energetic balance between the polarities, also in the physical body between left and right side of the body or double organs like brain, lungs, kidneys, eyes etc. 
"The sword of liberation and truth!"

Technological production from 99.99% Vanadium (V)
Content: distilled water and Monoatomic Vanadium
Recommended intake: 2x10 drops/day = approx. 1/4 - 1/3 pipette
(in the morning after waking up and in the evening before going to bed,
best under the tongue and a little bit of saliva)


30ml bottle
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