Monoatomic BORON (B) 30ml

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Genuine technologically produced monoatomic boron

Art no.: monoB30


Monoatomic BORON (B) 30ml

We recommend Mono-B to support:

Activation and cleaning of the pineal and pituitary gland as well as of 3. eye and crown chakra, expandation of awareness, improving of the connection between human being and spiritual soul as well as their energetic connection between brainglands and gonads (ovaries and testicles) and crown and root chakra, harmonization and strengthening of the chakra channel with its connection to all the endocrinal glands, stabilization of the channeling and telepathic sense (7th sense), improvement of the light transfer in the energetic and physical system, empowerment of the 'human tempel' for the 'godly soul essence', conscious communication with the 7 spiritual levels of earth, connection between mother earth and spiritual creator, anchoring of the spiritual energies in the physical cells, insight into the plan of creation, support of clarity and directness, access to the evolution knowledge within the cell structure (DNA), clearing up the path of life and transformation of astrays resp. detours of the Ego, thruthfulness, living in Gods closeness, nurturing the godly seed within, stabilization of the breeding ground for the development of the soul energy in daily life, update between Heaven and Earth, overcoming of separation and beeing marooned and insufficient grounding.Empowerment of the prefrontal cortex and his quality as the conductor of the brain (will, concentration, consciousness, learning, clarity, focussed working toward goals a.m.), harmonization of the different parts of the brain (neocortex, limbic brain, cerebellum, brain stem) and of their coordination (conscious, unconscious, instinct), synchronization of the brain hemispheres, harmonization of the endocrinal system.

Attention: This is not an Ormus product, which is only a nature abstract, but a real technological product, made from the pure metall!

Technological production made from 99.99% Boron (B)
Content: Distilled water with monoatomic boron
Recommended intake: 10 drops twice a day
(morning upon getting up and evening prior to going to sleep; best to insalivate below tongue)


30ml bottle
about 1 month supply
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