Monoatomic TIN (SN) 30ml

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Real technologically manufactured monoatomic tin

Art no.: monoSN30


Monoatomic TIN (SN) 30ml


We recommend Mono-SN to support:

strengthening of the solar plexus and the personality, taking off or dropping masks, more honesty and truthfulness, encouragement of the courage to stand up for oneself, more directness and straightforwardness, more sincerity and authenticity, strengthening of the assertiveness, improved clarity in the observation of one's own, increase of the CHI concentration and the focus on one's own path and the realization of one's own visions, strengthening of the healthy ego or the personality, improved self-assertion and self-confidence, no more making lazy compromises, clearer communication, development of a strong voice, use of the power of the word, use of the sword of truth, use of Thors Hammer.
Increased clarity of the eyes as windows of the soul, development of an upright posture and the spine, letting go of addictions and other substitute satisfactions. "I know what I want and live it" or "The way is the goal".


Technological production made from 99.9% TIN (SN)
Content: Distilled water with Monoatomic TIN 
Recommended intake: 10 drops twice a day
(morning upon getting up and evening prior to going to sleep; best to insalivate below tongue)


30ml bottle
about 1 month supply
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