MANNA 2000 Monoatomic Gold (AU) Elixir 10ml

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The real Alchemical Monoatomic Gold 10ml with 2000 ppm and violet Plasma-activation!

Art no.: Manna2000


MANNA 2000 Monoatomic Gold Elixir 10ml


The real elixir from guaranteed alchemical production!

Gild body, mind and soul with the "divine bread" of the initiate to levitate consciousness, restore superconductivity and energetuning DNA

Unique alchemical production of 99.9% gold!

MANNA 2000 is a worthy replacement product for the Manna of AlchemiaNova!

We recommend MANNA 2000 to support:
Gold is the central element in the repertoire of the monoatomic metals. It supports the strengthening of the soul consciousness in humans and the promotion of the harsher potentials and abilities in general. It is, so to speak, an all - rounder, which can revitalize all areas (primary: energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual, secondary: physical), resolves existing blockages, dissolves boundaries, brings more awareness, strengthens the inner center, promotes the consciousness of love, the manifestation power of the Thoughts strengthened, the perception expanded, materialism and close world images, self-knowledge, the 6th and 7th sense activated, the pineal gland optimized and much more
Strong activation of the brain, endocrine glands, heart and DNA potentials, the chakras and the meridian system and more.

Due to the alchemic production in connection with the fire element and additional activation by cold violet Plasma, it contents a very high amount of Monoatomic Gold and has a strong dynamic effect.
Attention: This is not a weak Ormus product, which is only a nature abstract (e.g. from Dead See salt), but a real alchemic product, made from the pure metall.

Real alchemic production made from 99.9% Gold (Au)
Content: Highly potent monoatomic gold (2,000 ppm) in distilled water (without alcohol)
Recommended intake: 7 drops daily
(morning upon getting up OR evening prior to going to sleep; best to insalivate below tongue)

10ml bottle
about 1 month supply
EUR 65.-
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[Due to the current legal situation, which is based on a very limited scientific and material world view, we must draw your attention to the fact that all information on these pages from official and scientific side are not proven. The following information comes from ancient mystery texts or traditions of alchemy, from a recent alchemical research group in the US, from our own experiences and alternative tests as well as from our customers' feedback. We emphasize that many statements on the following pages by official, scientific side are described as impossible or untrue. And we hereby confirm that we make the statements on these pages to the best of our knowledge and belief, and are convinced of them!]


Monoatomic gold has been known in all gnostic schools since ancient Egypt, and has been used by initiates (such as Plato, Aristotle, etc.) to increase their consciousness, increase their vibration, and activate full DNA potential.

The Hebrews called it "manna" or the "bread of God", the Egyptians "tear from the eye Horus", the Indian "vibhuti or bhasma of gold". In alchemy, it is considered the "Calx of Gold," which helps turn the "lead" of the human mind (the ego, with its negative, dense structures) into "gold" (the divine soul).

It is only supposed to exist 5/9 on the physical plane and is, so to speak, the "spirit and soul of gold" (the metallic gold is the body). It is no longer in the colloidal state in which it is still in a metallic state. The monoatomic aggregate state is superordinate to the colloidal one and can not be compared with it. The mode of action of the elements is thereby higher frequency, i. primarily in the mental and emotional realm.

Monoatomic gold, because of its amazing properties, is also being explored more and more by modern science because it has a completely different atomic structure from the original one
metallic state (see illustration above).

Monoatomic gold and other mono elements exist in traces even in nature. However, they can be permanently transformed from pure, metallic gold into a monoatomic state by humans either through an alchemical process (as has long been practiced) or, for a few years, using the latest technologies!

Monoatomic gold and other mono-elements are said to have unique physical and energetic properties (which is unfortunately only partially recognized by official science):

• They are superconductors at room temperature, have energy production characteristics, and can receive, store, and dispense light / information / energy without loss.

• Their electrons fuse with the anti-electrons and form opposing bands of light that rotate around the egg-shaped nucleus
(see picture above).

• At the same time, they possess an ethereal prana vortex that flows through the nucleus along a double helix and corresponds to the human kundalini energy.

• You create an independent zero magnetic field (Meissner field) around you,
which corresponds to the Mer-Ka-Ba of humans. The Mer-Ka-Ba is the light body of man (from the Egyptian: MER = counter-rotating, fused together light bands, KA = life energy & mind, BA = soul / MER-KA-BA = spirit-life force and soul merge together and form a unit that creates contra-rotating light bands and overcomes space and time).

• Monoatomic elements only exist 5/9 on the physical plane.

• Pure monoatomic elements levitate on the Earth's magnetic field.

• They do not wear out and their function and life are forever.

According to a group of alchemists who have taken Monoatomic Gold for years and researched and tested within a spiritual association, it is to be absorbed by the body and improve all areas of humans both energetically and vibrationally (including the energetic conductivity of the DNA up to 10,000 times what has been confirmed in laboratory tests in the US.)

This alternative research group has been able to observe the following physiological and energetic reactions, which are to coincide with the ancient traditions (from Egypt, the Bible, the Vedas and the Alchemy) (many of these statements we can confirm from our own experience).

In addition, many energetic test methods (kinesiology, clairvoyance, light-heartedness, channeling, radiesthesia, etc.) as well as numerous customers prove the monoatomic products, especially the alchemistic manna, with the title "sensational"!

The aging process should be reversed by the energetic repair of faulty DNA programs. It rejuvenates and extends the vital life of the DNA

• Damaged cells or energetic dysfunctions should be regenerated (also by brain cells).

• The endocrine glands are energetically activated, especially the thymus gland, epiphysis and pituitary gland.

• The light / photon flux in the nervous and meridian system should be permanently strengthened and increased.

• The self-healing powers should be significantly improved.

• The superconductivity of DNA would be upgraded and its energy flow increased up to 10,000 times.

• An intense emotional cleansing and stabilization would be triggered.

• A significant increase in performance and stress resilience comes into force.

• Rest more and more and be more stable in the middle.

• One recognizes more and more solutions instead of problems, because one sees oneself but also the outside always clearer.

• The manifestation effect of thoughts would be strengthened.

• The intelligence extends to higher levels of the mind.

• The frequency of the chakras and the body would be increased.

• The perception would be expanded and mental and emotional abilities should be activated.

• The kundalini energy would be raised harmoniously.

• The sleeping ("supernatural") potentials should awaken

• The levitating properties of monoatomic gold at all levels (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) lead to an overall increase in quality of life and consciousness

The monoatomic elements are the substances described in the old mystery texts, which can support us humans in the current time of the conversion and the associated, internal alchemical processes and can lead to a good "end"!
They would help us to actually achieve and realize the long-announced "New Eon" of a universal consciousness.

The basic effect of monoatomic elements is identical in every human being. But the individual changes, which it causes subjectively experienced, are of course very different. Depending on how conscious someone already is (freed or transformed from dense energies, meditating, practicing mystery work, etc.) or how one can indulge in the processes of consciousness.

As Monoatomic Gold is gaining in popularity and more and more products are being offered which are said to contain monoatomic gold, please review the quality features that such products should meet. Many products are of questionable quality, which at best contain little or no monoatomic gold, and in the worst case may even have harmful effects.
Our Monoatomical Gold Elixir by AlchemiaNova is the only one on the market actually made in an alchemical way. And our monoatomic elements of Tec2Future are even the only products of this kind worldwide.

Legal notice: Essences and vibration media are foodstuffs within the meaning of Art. 2 of Regulation (EC) No. 178/2002 and have no direct effect on the body or psyche proven by classical scientific standards. All statements refer exclusively to energetic aspects such as aura, meridians, chakras, etc.