Monoatomic RHODIUM (RH) 30ml

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Real technologically produced monoatomic rhodium

Art no.: monoRH30


Monoatomic RHODIUM (RH) 30ml

We recommend Mono-RH to support:

Strengthening of the 3rd eye, activation of the 5 higher Chakras (8.-12. Chakra), spread the wings of your soul, promotion of phantasy and contact to higher worlds,
support channeling, connection to your soul-family, intensify the sense of freedom as a holy being and the connection to the holy spirit, connection to cosmic laughter, development of a survey, promotion of spiritual and Astral journeys, intensify dynamics to expand, connection to the powers of Jupiter, increase of scope & space, support travel in time (towards future), find solutions in complex and hopeless situations (there' s a solution for everything), to see the light at the end of the tunnel, support supposition of eternity, maintain a higher perception of life and letting go in cases of death and grief for loved ones, disembark material limits, overcome materialism and atheism, sense for success, achieve felicity, explore the house of god with its endless rooms.
"Beyond the clouds there's endless freedom!"

Attention: This is not an Ormus product, which is only a nature abstract, but a real technological product, made from the pure metall!

Technological production made from 99.9% Rhodium (Rh)
Content: Distilled water with monoatomic Rhodium
Recommended intake: 10 drops twice a day
(morning upon getting up and evening prior to going to sleep; best to insalivate below tongue)


30ml bottle
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