ALVITO ecological washing system

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Wash ecologically clean and energetically high quality

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ALVITO washing system

Healthy & ecological washing!

Thanks to the application of the latest technologies, you reduce the chemicals used in washing and rinsing by over 90%. The Alvito ring changes the water in a magnetic and energetic way and the natural, renewable additives (washing solution, enzyme salt, oxygen bleach) are dosed with only 10ml.

90% less water pollution, no chemical pollution of the body, 100% anti-allergic and still clean laundry and dishes!

We invite you to try a 10'000 times tested system, which is environmentally neutral and at the same time gentle on your own body. This means that no superfluous chemical substances are discharged into the sewage system and you wear chemical-free textiles on your skin for 24 hours, which relieves your body. 100% hypoallergenic and recommended by doctors!



  • ALVITO Washing ring
  • ALVITO Washing System Accessory Set
    (StainSalt jar 500g, EnzymeSalt jar 500g, Washing solution orange 1 litre, 2 measuring cups, 2 measuring spoons, Wash brooch, short washing instructions)
  • ALVITO Wash Bag


The main advantages

For your health
No detergent residues in clothing or detergent residues on dishes and ANTI-ALLERGIC

For your wallet
With Alvito you wash considerably more economically than before, you save expensive washing powder, water softener and fabric softener. Less energy consumption (30° - 40° C wash cycle is sufficient).

For the environment
78,000 tonnes of detergent go down the rivers every year in Switzerland alone. Alvito uses an unusual recipe with particularly high-quality ingredients. At the same time, it is quickly and completely biodegradable for the benefit of the environment.

Your guarantee
Test the textile washing and/or dishwashing system. You keep the products if you are really satisfied and want to continue using the advantages. If you are not satisfied within 30 days (for whatever reason) simply return the ring and any unused product. And you get a 7 year warranty on the Alvito ring!!

Feedback from a customer
"Your flushing system is great! The results are excellent, wonderful shine and no more big packs, just great!"

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