Hamoni protection device

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The Hamoni Harmonizer offers highly effective protection against electrosmog, mobile phone radiation, earth radiation and environmental stress - based on the proven principles of solid state & electrophysics!!

Art no.: Hamoni

HAMONI® Harmonizer

The Hamoni® Harmonizer offers a highly effective protection against the most important electromagnetic pollution of our time (mobile phone, WLAN, power grid, power lines), environmental stress and geopathic exposure to earth radiation and water veins.


  • Highly effective protection against electrosmog (WLAN, mobile phone, power grid, high-voltage lines) and earth radiation (geopathic loads, water veins, faults, earth and curry grids).
  • Customers and alternative practitioners report on help with various, sometimes serious and chronic illnesses.
  • Building biologist shows in heart rate variability test: permanent stress during exposure to electrosmog (mobile phone) and also during earth radiation (water vein) greatly reduced in all test subjects.
  • Alternative practitioner tests with the help of the NLS diagnostic method are showing a very high positive effect of the device.
  • Only 1 device also protects large houses and apartments. Large protection area: hemisphere of approx. 12m radius.
  • Easy to use: The device is placed at the right place on the floor. Short, easy to understand operating instructions are included.
  • Maintenance-free and very durable: High-quality, gold-plated internal components for decades of service life. No power connection, battery or earthing required. Device supplies itself with electrical energy via "Energy Harvesting".
  • 2-component technology: Electronic and solid state physics component. Construction units from 5 continents.
  • 30 years of development history (Germany, Canada, Austria). Patented technology. Every piece handmade.
  • Highly qualified, scientific development team: Dipl.Ing. of technical physics, Dipl.Ing. of mechanical engineering, radiesthesist with decades of experience.


For legal reasons, we are obliged to make the following declaration: Please note that this statement applies to all statements made on this website in text form or graphics as well as to all statements made in videos that can be seen on this website. The effect of the device has not yet been scientifically or orthodoxly confirmed. The experience reports, both in text and picture, as well as those shown in videos, reflect the experiences of individual users of the Hamoni® Harmonizer. You may have the same experience, but you don't have to. The presented test reports of alternative practitioners and building biologists, both in text and picture form, as well as those shown in videos, show the test results, which were gained during the testing of the Hamoni® Harmonizer on probands. It may, but does not have to be, that these tests provide you with comparable results. Please note that the Hamoni® Harmonizer is not a medical product, does not promise a cure and cannot replace a visit to your treating doctor in any case!


Feedback Sophie K. from Munich:

“Hello dear ones, the day before yesterday I ordered the Hamoni from the blueberry forest, received it about 30 minutes ago, unpacked it and set it up. Suddenly there was peace...!!! I only experienced this intensity of peace once in my life when I stood with my dog under a huge maple tree forming a dome many years ago. Since then the maple has been a tree of peace for me - my son is buried under a maple too (2007). And then you appear on the screen, invent and build such a small device and I find my inner peace again. I could cry from happiness. THANK YOU!”


The Hamoni® brand is a registered trademark in the EU and the USA.


!!! Now with 90 days money back promise in case of dissatisfaction !!!





The Hamoni protection device offers highly effective protection against electrosmog, cell phone radiation, earth radiation and environmental stress...