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Products & systems that help you to achieve a better quality of life and an expanded consciousness in a holistic way.
Our products are based on ancient knowledge and holistic insights, which have been increasingly confirmed by alternative sciences in recent decades. These have a holistic effect, i.e. not only on the body, but also positively on the energy balance (meridians, chakras,  aura), on the emotional world, on the world of thoughts and on spiritual behaviour.

Health products & holistic systems for

  • Maintenance and improvement of your health
  • Holistic support of healing processes
  • Strengthening your vitality and vitality
  • Multidimensional expansion of your consciousness
  • activation & improvement of your mental abilities
  • Protection of nature and your environment
  • and much more besides

Our guarantee of trust for you!
We only offer you products that we have personally tested in a variety of ways and closely examined with our intellectual friends, that meet our high standards of quality & effectiveness, and that we also use in our own lives!


If you have questions about individual products, please contact us. 

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MANNA Monoatomic GOLD
The consciousness booster & DNA tuner for body, mind & soul!
Activates your DNS...
Expand your consciousness...
Accelerates your development...
and much more besides


A selected mixture of the 8 monoatomic elements of the platinum group, compiled according to an old recipe: gold, silver, platinum, palladium, ruthenium, rhodium, osmium and iridium

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SURBECK Bioenergetic
The alkaline and energetic energizer for all cells, activates and revitalizes the body!



The natural serotonin (& melatonin) balancer with the patented Seroctin for more physical and mental well-being!

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Monoatomic BOR
The energetic & neuronal brain booster to synchronize the brain hemispheres and activate the 90% sleeping potentials!
Now permanently reduced by 20%!



Monoatomic GERMANIUM
Liberated from energetic & emotional burdens, supports letting go and transformation!
Now permanently reduced by 20%!


Monoatomic IRON
Healing for the inner man, strengthens the manhood!
Now permanently reduced by 20%!


Monoatomic SILVER
Healing for the Inner Woman, strengthening femininity!
Now permanently reduced by 20%!


CANNAPUR Complete Balance
Legal cannabis oil in top organic quality from Germany with unique 99,8% (!!!) of high-quality hemp extract (over 100 different cannabinoids like CBD, CBC, CBG)

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The meditation CD with DIETER BROERS: Sound consciousness of the present time - The sound project THETAIOS draws from the power of the true.



Spiritual Blueberry Forest MUSIC
Energetically highly effective music for body, mind and soul



DOLFINIM - The healing power of the dolphins
Unique healing journeys to the wild dolphin family in Dolphin Reef on the Red Sea!


Rejuvenation Formula
The rejuvenation elixir of the MANNA alchemist of AlchemiaNova for holistic regeneration!
Currently sold out - At the moment you can only reserve it by email!
New orderers please with address information!


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