Hamoni mobile protection device

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The Hamoni Harmoniser offers highly effective protection against electrosmog, mobile phone radiation, earth radiation and environmental stress for people on the move - based on the proven principles of solid state & electrophysics!

HAMONI® MOBIL Harmoniser

Now there is also the mobile version of the popular and effective protection device to take along - in white or anthracite (please indicate the desired colour under "Notes" when ordering)!

The Hamoni® Harmoniser offers highly effective protection against the most important electro-smog pollution of our time (mobile phones, WLAN, power grids, high-voltage lines), against environmental stress and against geopathic stress caused by earth radiation and water veins.

  • Highly effective protection against electrosmog (WLAN, mobile phones, power supply system, high-voltage lines) and earth radiation (geopathic stress, water veins, faults, earth and curry grids).
  • Customers and alternative practitioners report help with various, sometimes severe and chronic diseases.
  • Building biologist shows in the heart rate variability test: permanent stress caused by exposure to electrosmog (mobile phones) and also earth radiation (water veins) is greatly reduced in all test persons.
  • Heilpraktiker tests show very high positive effects of the device with the help of the NLS diagnostic method.
  • Only 1 device protects a person with a sphere of about 2-3 m radius or about 5 m diameter.
  • Simple application: The device is carried in your trouser pocket or handbag.
  • Maintenance-free and very durable: High-quality, gold-plated internal components for decades of service life. No power connection, battery or grounding necessary. Device supplies itself with electrical energy by "Energy Harvesting".
  • 2-component technology: Electronic and solid state physics components. Components from 5 continents.
  • 30-year development history (Germany, Canada, Austria). Patented technology. Every piece handmade.
  • Highly qualified, scientific development team: Dipl.Ing. of technical physics, Dipl.Ing. of mechanical engineering, radiesthet with decades of experience.

For legal reasons we are obliged to make the following declaration: Please note that this declaration applies to all statements on this website, which are made in text form or graphics, as well as to all statements in videos, which can be seen on this website. Up to now the effect of the device has not yet been scientifically or orthodoxly confirmed. The experience reports, both in text and picture form, as well as those shown in videos, reflect the experiences of individual users of the Hamoni® Harmoniser. It can, but does not have to be, that you make the same experiences. The test reports presented by alternative practitioners and building biologists, both in text and picture form, as well as those shown in videos, reflect the test results obtained when testing the Hamoni® Harmoniser on test persons. It can, but does not have to be the case that these tests provide comparable results for you. Please note that the Hamoni® Harmoniser is not a medical device, does not promise a cure and can under no circumstances replace a visit to your treating doctor!


Feedback Sophie K. from Munich:
"Hello dear ones, I ordered the Hamoni from the Blueberry Forest the day before yesterday, received it about 30 minutes ago, unpacked it and set it up. All of a sudden peace is...!!! I have experienced this sooo present in my life only once, when I was with my dog many years ago under a huge maple tree, which formed a dome. Since then the maple tree has been a tree of peace for me - my son is also buried under a maple tree (2007). And then you go here, invent and build such a small device and I have my peace again, I could cry with happiness. THANK YOU!"

Feedback Annette M. from Mauren:
"Dear Blueberry Forest Team, I would like to share my experience briefly. I had ordered a Harmony device a few weeks ago. A few minutes after unpacking the Harmony Protection Device, my girlfriend and I felt a strong tingling in our bodies. I then placed the device in its intended place and since then the whole house has been in a very pleasant calm. I became aware of the strong difference when I visited a colleague a few days ago. There was such a restlessness in her apartment that I stopped my visit after 30 minutes. It was a relief when I arrived back at my home. Thank you very much for this quality of life, which was immediately established by this small device."

Yvonne B. from NL-Kerkrade:
"Hello, the Harmoni looks great, as if a negative burden has fallen off me! My mood is more positive, my head clearer and my back much better. I put the Hamoni in my bedroom and since then I sleep very relaxed and different, wake up in the morning also very nice and have no more back or headaches. Thank you very much."

Feedback from Hester N. from F-Vagney:
"Hello, before I got the Hamoni from you, I suffered from strange muscle and joint pains, had sleeping problems and the feeling of constantly losing energy. And this although I live on a farm in the nature. Since I installed the Hamoni, I immediately experienced positive effects and all my problems have disappeared by at least 80%. Even our hyperactive border collie Olga suddenly became calm, gentle and now follows much better. With our animals in the barn - for which I had bought another Hamoni - I can observe the same effects, and our cows even give more milk than ever before! This may be due to the fact that their empathy and social behaviour has been positively changed by the Hamoni, and they feel less stressed and produce more oxytocin! I'm very happy with that, thank you very much."


The Hamoni® brand is a registered trademark in the EU and USA.

!!! Now with 90 days money back promise in case of dissatisfaction !!!


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