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Strengthen your aura and protect yourself from negative energies. Effective protection from negative energies of man & technology. Ideal for electro-sensitive and sensitive people.

Art no.: OrganoCharm



Effective protection against external influences - ensures a harmonious, strong energy level! The Organo Vitality Pendant is made of high-quality stainless steel and acrylic glass, filled with energized and informed Organo energy carrier made of silicon. This energy source is programmed by the unique ORGANO impulse technology. This increases the flow of energy and helps to keep stress away from the wearer. It is a top product of oscillation technology and lasts a lifetime.

Worn on the body or in a trouser pocket, it can strengthen one's own aura, which can form a better protective field against negative energies from outside.

This concerns electrosmog, mobile phone and PC radiation, earth radiation and much more. But even the thoughts and feelings of our fellow men no longer penetrate so easily.

If you have trouble protecting yourself from negative external influences, feel drained and sucked out, or feel too weak to meet the demands of our society, or have a weak immune system, the Organo protective pendant can be ideal for you.

Good for very sensible and sensitive people, or who are exposed to strong pathological radiation, or have to deal with many people professionally.

My protective ORGANO jewelry

strengthens my energy
makes me more resistant to stress
improves my well-being

Our energy charm heart - a feminine, romantic piece of jewelry, fresh and elegant at the same time. The heart - not only the most beautiful symbol of love - stands for life and security. Values that we also associate with our ORGANO jewelry.

The ORGANO charm in round is available in two different colors and is a daily companion for adults as well as an absolute highlight for your kids.

The true value of our jewelry lies within - embedded in the center of our charms, protected and invisible from the outside, is their true heart: the ORGANO energy source made of silicon. The unique ORGANO impulse technology programs this energy carrier.

Our charms are made of high-quality stainless steel. Delicate, filigree and yet of inimitable presence, unobtrusive and yet as valuable as a personal guardian angel, the ORGANO charm accompanies you.

Special Edition: ORGANO Charm round in pink
Only while stocks last - the limited edition of our ORGANO charm in pink with its strong color gives a beautiful and summery look.

Further Information
Not waterproof. Product guarantee: Lifelong effectiveness, 1 year material guarantee.