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by Joseph M. Clearwaters „Light Classic Psychophonic“

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Meditations for healing, transformation and elevation of the individual being and the global world

Due to the current transformation of our world society, we have followed the inspiration from the spiritual world and received these 9 meditations that can support you in this unique time of our world history. The beings from the spiritual world involved are Mother Earth, Jesus, St. Germain, Lenduce, Sanat Kumara and Helios.

The meditations are synchronized with the Mayan calendar Tzolkin and also with the qualities of Holy Week 2020, build on each other and lead you on an inner, multidimensional journey. This enables healing as well as liberation and transformation of your multidimensional being, strengthens your co-creative powers and connects you with your earthly fellow souls, who are now also involved in the reconstruction of the world stage. They will continue to synchronize you with the participating light forces, such as the Ascended Masters, the cosmic avatars and the angelic realm, who are making their contribution to the transformation of the earth and humanity

For we are all now involved in this world change and 'great awakening' and are called upon to help cleanse and heal our world from 5,200 years of descent, Kali Yuga and Satanism, as well as to realize a more luminous timeline and spiritual way of life in our global human culture.

The meditations were spoken by Martin Strübin (, subsequently mastered by Erik Wiens ( and additionally backed by the unique 432Hz music of Josef M. Clearwater ( including binaural beats and solfeggio frequencies.

They were intuitively inspired and received telepathically, without script or previous concept. So they are not prepared professional studio recordings, but have been created live from the present moment.

You can do the meditations in the published series, but of course you are free to choose your own sequence or to participate individually.

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Customer feedback Thorsten H. from Essen:
"Dear Blueberry Forest Team, I cannot describe how much importance the guided meditations have for me at the moment. I have experienced unbelievable things on this journey and feel strengthened, expanded and connected. Thanks to you and especially to Martin Strübin for providing this treasure! Best regards"

Part 1: Transformation of your personal self

1. meditation: healing, liberation and activation of your 5 body systems (duration 1:22 hrs.)

2nd meditation: Healing, liberation and activation of your chakra system (duration 1:42 hrs.)

3rd meditation: activation of your heart connection with Mother Earth & Father Sun (duration 1:34 hrs.)


Part 2: Activation and expansion of your spiritual and cosmic reality

4. meditation: activation of new energies, qualities, light geometries and sphere melodies in your DNA, your brain and your consciousness
(duration 1:22 hours)

5th meditation: Strengthening your soul consciousness and activating your cosmic memory and soul plan (duration 1:22 hrs.)

6th Meditation: Networking with the soul family and light beings (Ascended Masters, cosmic avatars, angels & archangels) (duration 1:12 hrs.)

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Part 3: Realization of a new heaven and a new earth

7th meditation: transformation, healing and elevation of the body of Mother Earth (duration 1:24 hrs.)

8th meditation: Transformation, healing and elevation of the emotional and mental fields of Mother Earth (duration 1:14 hrs.)

9th meditation: manifestation of light-filled timelines and loving realities (duration 1:12 hrs.)

In humble gratitude and inner joy to give birth to these 9 meditations, I thank you for your participation and remain with warm greetings from the enchanting Blueberry Forest.


Total duration: 12:24 hours

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