FC Collection - Kamerton

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Booster plate, intensifies the effect of any other Kolzov plate


KOLZOV Kamerton

The plate "Kamerton" (english: "tuning fork") is a universal plate, which supports and intensifies the effect of every other plate. This extraordinary plate tunes the organism like a tuning fork in order to be able to use the vibrations of the respective Kolzov plate faster, more harmoniously and more comprehensively. At the same time it tunes the organism to the frequency changes on earth itself and improves the flexibility, reaction and resonance ability and the harmonic stability of our energy system. It is therefore above all suitable:

  • to intensify the effect of any other Kolzov plate, accelerates and improves the attunement of the human organism and energy system to the respective plate, thus strengthening and consolidating the effect of any Kolzov plate   
  • eliminates imbalances and blockages in the energy flow through the chakras and energy channels
  • promotes and strengthens the self-healing powers of the organism
  • also attunes the body to the high vibrations and information of the Kolzov plates and thus supports spirituality and personality development once again


As an intensifying plate, the effect on other plates with a more physical effect is more noticeable more quickly than on plates with a mental-spiritual effect, i.e. with plates of the blue series FC 1 - 8, the lilac series FC 9 - 16, with "Long Life", "Harmony", "FC Exclusive", "Healing 1 and 2" more than with plates of the "FC Gold" series or special plates such as "Lahsa", "Shambala", etc. Nevertheless, even with these the physical-energetic conditions are improved for a better mental-spiritual effect.


The independent plate "Kamerton", if you only use this plate and carry it with you:

  • reduces the sticking together of the red blood cells (formation of money rolls) and thus improves the flow of the blood, which in turn can have many positive influences, such as headaches or circulatory disorders   
  • strengthens the sensory organs and the ability to perceive
  • strengthens the self-healing powers and accelerates regeneration after illness
  • supports the release of fears, illusions and dependencies, helps to find one's own centre and to realise one's wishes in harmony with creation


The plate "Kamerton" contains among other things the vibrations of the Mongolian medicinal spring "108 drops".


Place the water on the plate "Kamerton" for at least 20 minutes for an intensive energizing.

Drink about 100-150 ml of this energised water 2-3 times a day - this is enough to intensify the effect of the plates you use that day. In this way you can carry the plate with you, but you do not have to if you are already using several other plates.

The energised water is also very suitable for mouthwashes, moist compresses, showers and baths.


TIP - a few examples of use:

  • the combination of plate " Kamerton" with the plates "Golden Sand" and "Lamas Spring" strengthens the consciousness, the orientation towards the "here and now   
  • the combination of " Kamerton " with " love " and " harmony " clarifies and strengthens the emotions
  • the combination of " Kamerton" with the plates "Indi" and "Judek" removes blockades and imbalances in the chakras and acupuncture meridans as well as negative psychic energies - very good for placing on the chakras
  • the combination of " Kamerton " with the " Extra ENT " strengthens the immune system
  • build a "house" out of the three plates "Indi", "Secret Holy Lake" and the plate FC 9 (fixed in a triangle with a rubber), then place the plates on the amplifier plate " Kamerton" and place the whole thing lying on your chest in the area of the thymus gland - this will activate the heart chakra intensively. The heart chakra is a bridge between the three lower "material" chakras and the three upper "spiritual" chakras



!!! Please note that the products offered are not medical devices, do not promise a cure and can in no way replace a visit to your attending doctor !!!