FC Green - Clear View 2

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The "Clear View 2" panel complements the "Clear View 1" panel in its positive effects on vision.


KOLZOV clear view 2

The plate " Clear View 2" contains the healing information of three famous healing springs against eye diseases. In addition, special cosmic-energetic Mayan channels are included on the plate, similar to those used in the plates of the Gold series. These information channels are 5-10 times stronger than the previous cosmic-energetic channels.


  • Correction and prevention of inflammatory, infectious, viral, bacterial diseases of the eye, prevention and correction of astigmatism in short- and long-sightedness
  • Prevention and correction of glaucoma and cataract
  • Regulation of intraocular pressure
  • Cleaning of the tissue of the visual organs
  • Restoring the tissue and blood vessels of the eye to their original form
  • Restoration and regulation of blood circulation in the visual organs
  • repair of damage to the optic nerve fibres
  • Restoration of the sufficient supply of oxygen to the visual organs
  • Regulation of tissue metabolism and nutrition of the lens, retina, sclera and cornea of the eye
  • prevention of retinal detachment, also in diabetes
  • Elimination of the consequences of eye injuries
  • Filling the iris with clean light energy
  • Antioxidative eye protection against free radicals
  • Restoring the areas of the central nervous system involved in vision, the endocrine glands and the metabolism throughout the body.

The plate " Clear View 2" contains the healing information of the springs:

Virgin Spring: This springs near the Church of the Nativity in Izborsk (a village in the Pechora district, Pskov region). There are many amazing healing reports about this spring. Its fame, however, began with the healing of a girl born blind whose mother washed her with the spring water and who could see immediately afterwards.

Eye Spring: One of the springs in the temple of the healer St. Pantaleon in Belokurikha in the Altai Mountains. The place has been known as a healing place for over 100 years. Locals regularly fetch their water from the temple and those seeking healing come to the sanatoriums of Belokurikha. The spring has antibacterial and healing properties. The water is used for the treatment of eye diseases, also in lotions, as well as for tinctures, food and tea.

Shumak Spring: Shumak is a natural healing and power place located in the mountains of the Eastern Sayan at an altitude of 1558 meters. This area belongs to the Oka district in the Buryatia region and is called "the pearl of Russia" or "Russian Little Tibet". The Shumak spring for eye problems is the most difficult to reach in a valley with more than one hundred medicinal springs. The water of each of them acts like a finely tuned tuning fork selectively on one organ or functional circuit of the human body at a time. Thus the springs can be used in many different ways for energetic harmonisation and healing. The Shumak spring has the strongest healing potential. According to legend, the springs were already known in Genghis Khan's time and he himself found healing and strengthening in the Shumak valley. In modern times the springs have been medically examined and have entered Russian science as Shumaksky water because of their unusual properties. The springs of the valley are each located in small depressions in the earth and each has a different taste and content of basic minerals, bicarbonates, calcium and magnesium and a high silicon content. The temperatures of the waters vary between 22 and 55 °C. They also have a high radon content. In medical balneology, it is known that radon can stimulate the human immune system and thus alleviate diseases.

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