FC Gold 21 - mirror of the soul

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Energetic effect: strong activation, aura protection, light body work


KOLZOV mirror of the soul

The plate "Mirror of the Soul" is a particularly important and unusual plate: it was developed to charge the chakras and all layers of the subtle body with strong positive energies - it is the plate with which you can support your light-body process!

The plate has several functions:

  • each chakra, the energy meridians and all layers of the subtle body are energized and charged with strong light energies of the universe   
  • so that the energy does not immediately flow off again, but is available to us in our everyday life and development, negative energy channels, such as conscious and unconscious "anchors" and "bands" to people through which one is weakened and through which energy is sucked away or other connections of energy vampirism, are also separated and sent back to the persons
  • energetic channels due to magical actions and imprecations are also cut off and sent back to these people

For better understanding:

There are many people without energy or certain life situations in which energy and vitality are missing. The cause of this can be an outflow of energy - this can happen through unconsciously created channels, such as links created by fury, anger and self-pity, or consciously through dark forces such as magic, imprecations, otherworldly forces and modern "mind control".

Our natural self-protection can be weakened in everyday life by:

  • great fear of diseases and problems of other people (foreign karma is not a flea, it cannot jump)   
  • by inappropriate compassion for people who are responsible for their own suffering and have acted against the cosmic laws
  • through strong negative emotions such as anger, hate, rage, envy, etc.

This is where FC 21 helps to get back into the centre, to recharge and protect oneself.

The FC 21 plate contains the "Maya" channels "TANN" and "CHAAL-ZIK", which are fed by the light and creation energies of the universe and strengthen true compassion. They also serve to enlighten and free consciousness from sectarian dependencies.

!!! Please note that the products on offer are not medical products, do not promise healing and can in no way replace a visit to your doctor !!!