FC Gold 19 - anti-tobacco

139,00 € incl. 19 % Basket VAT

Energetic effect: anti-addiction, activation of lungs and blood


KOLZOV anti-tobacco

The "Anti-Tobacco" plate cleans and regenerates the lungs and helps smokers to quit smoking, dissolving all addictive mental, emotional and spiritual programmes associated with smoking. The plate helps physically, emotionally and mentally to quit smoking.


The plate has the following features:

  • helps to cleanse the organism of nicotine and stored toxins in an energetic way   
  • cleans the lungs
  • regenerates lungs and bronchi
  • purifies the blood and reminds it of its actual function
  • supports the saturation of the blood with oxygen
  • strengthens the function of spleen and liver
  • can also be used for other addiction problems to erase the "addiction programmes" in the subconscious


The FC 19 panel contains the "POLUT" channel.


!!! Please note that the products offered are not medical devices, do not promise any cure and can in no case replace a visit to your attending doctor !!!