FC Lilac 9 - Healthy heart

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This FC has been charged with cosmo-energetic information which has a purifying effect on vessels and capillaries, supporting the functionality of the heart, "correcting" dysfunctions and bringing the entire blood circulation (heart and brain) to the norm of a healthy organism.


KOLZOV healthy heart

In addition to the physiological effects that can result from this, it is also reminiscent of mental wounds that are associated with a "sick" or injured heart. Cosmo-energetic information stimulates holistic processes, which should be given attention for causal healing. The peace and quiet needed for this is also included in the information spectrum of this FC.

The plate FC 9 contains a variety of information for the support of the heart activity and the cosmic-energetic channel "Hektas". It cleanses and eliminates everything that hinders the reception of the information. It opens the consciousness and enables the development of creative abilities.

The FC 9 plate contains forty programmes for harmonization and prevention of the various disorders of the cardiovascular system - among others, for regeneration of the coronary vessels and capillaries, the nervous system, the endocrine and hormonal system and the cerebrum. One group of channels is aimed at regulating blood pressure, which may be related to the disturbance of kidney and adrenal functions. To this end, information from grasses and minerals that are beneficial to the cardiovascular system has been added, such as cedar resin, hawthorn, rose hip, heart-shaped clover, clover, valerian balm, marigold, plantain, green tea, horsetail, bird's knotweed, jasper, rose quartz, onyx, aquamarine. There are also cosmic-energetic channels that help to prevent various diseases: Zeus, Shaon, Firast, Ninalis, Mama, Divine Fire, Divine Light, Healing Love, Light of Eternal Love, the channel of opening of the Spiritual Heart. The programme for opening the Spiritual Heart also supports the general harmonious development of the personality.

The FC 9 plate, for example, also fits very well as a joint application with the blue plates FC 2, FC 5 and/or FC 8, the green plates "Love" and "Long Life" and/or the golden FC 17 and FC 18.

!!! Please note that the products on offer are not medical products, do not promise a cure and can in no way replace a visit to your treating doctor !!!