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A new beginning, releases blockades and programmes from the past


KOLZOV Restart Cleaning

The plate " Restart Cleaning" conveys a new beginning in this shamanic sense, in order to be able to go his way of life up to deep knowledge.


There is a place in Khakassia (autonomous Russian republic in the Krasnoyarsk region), where everyone who is looking for the hidden meaning of life should be once. It is an ancient path of our ancestors, a shamanic path of power. It begins near the village of Efremkino and runs along the rising and falling banks of the river "White Iyusa" to a high rock massif. This has been called "Togys Az" since ancient times, which means "Nine mouths to feed". In fact, 9 large caves can be found there, which remind us of open mouths. According to archaeological research, they were used by people as resting and cult places more than 24 000 years ago, making them the oldest Stone Age caves in Siberia. Among other things, very special rock paintings have been preserved in the caves today, dating back to around 4500 years. They follow a passage in the rock, which is divided into seven sectors and symbolises the path of possible cognition in the course of life from birth. Someone can be content with half-knowledge or walk the whole way to deep wisdom.


The plate "Restart Cleaning":


  • releases blockades and programmes from the past and sets a "zero point". It helps to make a real new beginning, to start a new path in life   
  • such a new beginning is described in many spiritual traditions as transformation, as a symbolic initiation with "death" and "rebirth" of a person - in the physical as well as in the spiritual. In this sense the two Kolzov Plates help to "rebirth" one's own self
  • negative internal programmes and unauthorised access to your own energy field from outside are deleted and prevented
  • the very own inner energy and power source is opened


The plates "Restart Cleaning" and "Restart Filling" are used together.


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