FC Elite - Wonderworker

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Spirituality, intuition, mediality, for protection while travelling and against foreign influences


KOLZOV Wonderworker

The plate "Wonderworker" is especially meant for all those who want to enrich their life with more love and intuition and improve relationships in their social environment. It is also particularly helpful when travelling, on pilgrimages, when driving all kinds of means of transport, for shift workers and members of the police, military and security services. It also helps with nervous and physical exhaustion, psychological complaints and depression.

The plate "Wonderworker":

  • promotes the health of the whole body, helps to uncover hidden health problems and to correct them effectively
  • contributes to the activation and charging of the chakras (especially the 6th, 7th and 8th chakras) and the harmonious distribution of energy throughout the body
  • helps to open to the energies of the "spiritual heart" and fill the aura with the energies of love
  • improves relations in family, work and social environment on the basis of mutual understanding
  • helps to stay calm even under stress and to make important decisions quickly if necessary
  • helps to overcome difficult stages of life, to adapt more quickly to changing social and environmental conditions
  • helps to fulfil his wishes
  • promotes the development of spirituality, intuition and mediality and strengthens the ability to reach deep insights, awareness and acceptance of the meaning of life
  • helps to open up to intuitive visions and insights and strengthens the medial ability to connect with higher levels of reason and wisdom
  • aims to identify and eliminate all possible foreign energies and programmes, energy and information invasions, including the introduction of artificially created programmes by means of influence on body fluids (influence via blood, urine, saliva, sperm)
  • regenerates the aura and bio-energy field of the organism and increases the level of vibration to create an effective protection against external energies, external information and external determination


The "Wonderworker" plate contains, among other things, the information of the water of the holy spring of "Nikolai the Wonderworker" in Sergijev Posad.


ATTENTION: For this plate the water should be placed on it for at least 2 hours to energize. The energised water can also be sprayed for cleaning rooms, on clothes and into the aura.


TIP 1: The combined application with the new plates "Gold of the Gobi Desert" and "Code Gobi" increases the effectiveness on the body for healing and rejuvenation and increases the energy protection.

TIP 2: The "Wonderworker" plate can also be very well combined with the plates: "Golden Sand", "Bliss", "Kamerton", Indi", "True Love", "Lhasa", Mountain Altar", "Holy Cave" and "Black Mountain".


!!! Please note that the offered products are not medical devices, do not promise a cure and can in no case replace a visit to your attending doctor !!!