NEW: FC Elite - Talisman

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The plate "Talisman" harmonises the events that occur in life, gives man access to his divine destiny and teaches us to accept and direct our fate mindfully. DELIVERY TIME up to 12 days!


KOLZOV Talisman

By using the FC "Talisman", the possibility opens up to constantly dwell in the state of joy triggered in us by blessed events and prosperity (divine destiny). You will be enabled to experience divine protection and healing from illnesses, to follow the right path in life and to feel the state of God's gift of "Trojan's bast" - the joy of prosperity and divine destiny bestowed upon us by Trojan.

The plate "Talisman":

  • restores man's lost connection with the source of creation and thus his wholeness.   
  • prevents slipping into extremes and gives the ability to perceive and understand the difference between "masked" dark energies and the energies of light.
  • activates healing energies and shields from illnesses and ailments.
  • leads to the recognition of the equivalence of good and evil and, through the harmonisation of life events, gives man insight into divine destiny, taking into account his deeds.
  • protects and manifests goodness by activating the bright divine essence in the person.
  • Promotes the occurrence of blessed events in life which become blissful destiny through the harmony manifested by the person.
  • bestows three powers, three rays and three tasks on the path of life, gives protection, reveals choices, promotes success, harmony, prosperity and grace and helps to choose the right path of life.
  • frees the soul from bondage and bestows blessings and goodness on those who have chosen the path of unity and have chosen to bring light back to the earth.
  • revives in man the desire for perfection.
  • teaches us to hear the divine voice again and, through the activation of feeling, imparts the knowledge of how to guide one's destiny in a harmonious way.
  • Provides support so that peace can return to people's lives and to the earthly world and that everything will become as it was and should be.

Recommendations for use:

  • Energising water or food with the "Talisman" plate can be done at any time. Supplementary information: Around 3 o'clock in the morning is a particularly favourable time to make use of the support of this plate during energetic practices, meditations or prayers.   
  • It is possible to anchor the emotion of divine destiny in yourself as follows: take the FC in your right hand, tense your neck a little and touch the right carotid artery with the hand in which you are holding the FC for the duration of 3 heartbeats. Then switch sides - take the FC in your left hand and touch your left carotid artery with it.
  • By listening to or playing musical instruments such as, for example, the 9-string tonica guitar or the lyre, this FC stimulates the energies of prosperity.
  • The colours white and black and the onyx in combination with the plate give the power of the god Trojan.
  • Together with the FC bracelet "Amulet", this plate gives you a unique mechanism of action. Through the effect that is achieved simultaneously on both the physical and the subtle body - the aura - not only healing and rejuvenation are brought about, but also spiritual evolution is promoted, as the connection with the source of creation is re-established.

The polarisation of the cosmoenergetic channel of the god Trojan is stored on the "Talisman" plate.

TIP: The use of the plate "Talisman" can be done separately as well as in combination with other plates, such as the plates "Love" and "Harmony" (Green series), "Secret Lake" (Exclusive series), the plates "Kolzov's Gift of Light", "Secrets of the Universe" and "Code of the Gobi Desert" (Elite series) as well as the FC bracelet "Amulet".

The duration for energising water with the help of the plate "Talisman" should be 4 hours.


!!! Please note that the products on offer are not medical products, do not promise healing and can in no way replace a visit to your treating doctor!!!