FC Elite - Lake Manasarovar - Kailash

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Purification and transformation of the consciousness for spiritual development, emotional harmony and healing


KOLZOV Lake Manasarovar - Kailash

Lake Manasarovar is situated at the foot of the holy mountain Kailash and is one of the highest freshwater lakes in the world with an average water surface of 412 km². "Manasarovar" is Sanskrit and is composed of the words "manas" (= "spirit") and "sarovar" (= "lake"); in Tibetan the lake is called "Mapham Yutsho" which means "invincible turquoise lake". The lake is called "invincible" or "unsurpassed" because only its water is said to have the "Eight Qualities of Perfect Water": cool, sweet, light, soft, clear, pure, not irritating to the stomach or throat. The name "divine lotus lake" is derived from a comparison of its water surface with an opened lotus flower.  

The plate "Lake Manasarovar - Kailash":

  • brings body, mind and soul into a state of harmony and balance, of physical and emotional unity with oneself   
  • promotes the renewal of the aura energy shell, raises the level of vibration and enriches the energy field with the bright energies of love and the power of creation
  • serves to purify and transform the consciousness
  • promotes higher knowledge through the awareness of the laws of the universe
  • contributes to the recovery and balance of the physical and emotional state, supports all organ systems in various diseases and complaints, including chronic and genetic diseases
  • promotes the healing of the cardiovascular system and the locomotor system
  • contributes to the regeneration of body tissues and mucous membranes, strengthens and stimulates the growth of hair and nails
  • helps to balance feelings and soul and to let go of negative emotions (like resentment and anger, even if they are directed against oneself) and also helps to harmonise interpersonal relationships
  • leads to a state of awareness and acceptance of the true purpose

The plate "Lake Manasarovar - Kailash" is an invaluable friend and a gift for all those:

  • who practice the various practices of spiritual development and wish to accelerate them, in meditation, breathing and energetic exercises   
  • during fasting and cleansing periods, but also during wellness and physical fitness and hardening such as winter swimming, etc.
  • for everyone who needs help in the healing and recovery of the physical and subtle body

TIP 1: In order to achieve a quick effect, you can prepare your body and soul, especially before the first application, by fasting for 1-2 days (therapeutic fasting, vegetable fasting, tea fasting, alcohol fasting, etc.)

TIP 2: For special, intuitive, anticipatory and healing dreams, simply place the plate under the pillow

TIP 3: In addition to drinking the informed water and wearing the plate, cleaning rituals can also be carried out with it, for example by simply placing the plate between both palms of your hands and rubbing it over it as if washing your hands.

TIP 4: The joint use of the plate "Lake Manasarovar - Kailash" and the plate "Spring Green Tara - Kailash" is very powerful in dissolving old programming and patterns from the past, to realign oneself to reach a higher level of vibration and consciousness.

ATTENTION: with this panel, the water for energising should be placed on top for at least 8.5 hours, so it is easiest to leave it on overnight.

!!! Please note that the products on offer are not medical products, do not promise any healing and can in no way replace a visit to your treating doctor !!!