FC Elite - Spring Green Tara - Kailash

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Development of spirituality and personality, aura protection


KOLZOV Spring Green Tara - Kailash

Like a white crystal, Mount Kailash towers above its surroundings in the Gangdise Mountains. Its pyramid-shaped peak remains covered with snow all year round and shines like a rapture... The mountain is considered a holy mountain in four world religions, in Tibetan Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism and Bon, and is identified with Mount Meru and thus with the "axis of the world" and the "centre of the universe". A circumnavigation of the mountain on an approximately 53 km long path is the most important pilgrimage for followers of these religions. At a pass along the pilgrimage route, the holy spring of the Green Tara rises, whose information is stored on the plate.

The Green Tara is a female peaceful Buddha and Bodhisattva and embodies the active compassion of all Buddhas. She accompanies all spiritual seekers in their development, protects them from danger and helps them to recognise and increase their original wisdom. She is praised for her wish-granting qualities. Although Green Tara is also meant to fulfil worldly desires, its real purpose is to lead spiritual practitioners to enlightenment. However, the worship of Green Tara is much older than Buddhism and is originally based on an Indian star goddess.

The plate " Spring Green Tara - Kailash":

  • supports the spiritual development of man and his access to universal and spiritual dimensions   
  • promotes the powerful spiritual transformation within the framework of the present physical body and leads back to the very own soul task
  • helps to develop our spiritual heart and to perceive ourselves as an essential part of the universe and to connect to the higher information field
  • fills us with the energies of love in all its manifestations, the vibrations of goodness, compassion, calm and peace
  • helps to dissolve negative energetic-informal attacks of any level and origin
  • helps to protect the aura energy field and all energy bodies of the human being
  • protects against verbal, emotional and psychological violence emanating from people with lower vibration levels
  • promotes the development of intuition, the discovery of the clear insight within us, the choice and acceptance of the path of spiritual self-development
  • helps to defeat our inner "demons", to remove possible psychological obstacles to achieving goals
  • contributes to the fulfilment of wishes

The plate " Spring Green Tara - Kailash" is a valuable help for all those:

  • who want to develop spiritually and are searching for their own way and the deeper meaning in life   
  • who practice various practices of spiritual development and wish to accelerate them
  • during fasting and cleaning periods
  • who strive to harmonise their own and the surrounding energy space and create an atmosphere of love and well-being for themselves and the earth
  • who often find themselves in conflictual or controversial situations in public
  • who want to identify and eliminate the causes of stagnation in various areas of life

The plate " Spring Green Tara - Kailash" contains the information of a holy spring, which originates on the pass of Green Tara on the pilgrimage route around Mount Kailash.

TIP 1: Besides drinking the informed water and wearing the plate, you can also perform cleansing rituals with it, for example by simply taking the plate between both palms of your hands and rubbing it over it like washing your hands.

TIP 2:
In combination with the plate "See Manasarovar - Kailash" the plate "Spring Green Tara - Kailash" is a very powerful tool to dissolve old programming and patterns from the past, to realign oneself to reach a higher level of vibration and consciousness.

ATTENTION: With this plate the water for energizing should be placed on it for at least 8.5 hours, so it is easiest to put it on overnight.

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