FC Elite - Protector

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Healthy eyes, joints and bones, for conscious and attentive presence, ideal for screen work and mobile phones


KOLZOV Protector

The plate "Protector" supports us in today's everyday life with a lot of work on the screen, daily strain on the eyes by mobile phone and other screens and the spine and the locomotor system by sitting for long periods. The "Protector" plate protects the eyes and helps with chronic diseases of the visual organs and various problems of the locomotor system. It supports weight loss, strengthens the immune system and helps regeneration after operations.

The "Protector" plate is especially suitable for:

  • all those who work a lot on the computer or with a mobile phone in order not to overstrain their eyes   
  • prevents energetically different diseases of the eyes and supports the healing of the visual organs, for example in case of inflammatory or age-related problems
  • supports healing after eye operations and injuries
  • energetically serves to prevent and correct diseases of the locomotor system, especially of the joints (including arthritis, joint pain, degeneration of bones and cartilage, osteochondrosis, bursitis)
  • has a supportive effect in cases of increased stress on the joints, for example due to overweight or intensive sport
  • helps to prevent and correct osteoporosis, fractures, injuries and for faster rehabilitation after operations
  • energetically contributes to a vital, powerful regulatory and regenerative capacity of all physiological processes in the body
  • supports energetic therapies and methods for weight reduction
  • helps you to enter a state of mindfulness and awareness and to perceive your own life "in real time"
  • helps to overcome difficulties in life and to free oneself from seemingly hopeless situations
  • aims to heal the soul and restore emotional balance

The "Protector" plate contains healing information from the Holy Lake of the boys "Jacob and John from Menyusha", near the village of the same name near Shimsk in the Novgorod region.

TIP: The plate "Protector" works very well with the following other Kolzov plates: "Clear View 1", "Clear View 2", "Healing 1", "Fortuna", "Amaranth" (all series Exclusive), No.10 and No.15 (series Lilac), "Kolzov's Gift of Light", "Gold of the Gobi Desert", "Code of the Gobi" (series Elite)

With this plate, the water for energising should be placed on it for at least 4 hours, so it is best to simply place a bottle of water or carafe on top overnight and drink it throughout the day.


!!! Please note that the products on offer are not medical products, do not promise any healing and can in no way replace a visit to your treating doctor!!!