FC Elite - Kolzovs Gift of Light

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Aura protection, strengthening and development of your personality


KOLZOVS Gift of Light

According to Kolzov this plate is the strongest protective plate for the lower 3 chakras so far. In January 2019 it will be complemented by the plate "The Gold of the Gobi Desert", which will be the strongest protective plate for the upper chakras up to the 8th chakra. The plate has also been specially adapted to the energies of the new age.

The plate "Kolzov's Gift of Light" can be used by everyone, regardless of age, good health or different degrees of illness. As a protective plate it is also suitable for people who are in public light or often appear in front of an audience or for business people during contract negotiations. It is also ideal for creative people, pupils and students, for adults and young people for personal development and for developing skills in various areas of life, for maintaining mental health, spirituality, maintaining and improving life potential. It also supports the breaking of bad habits.

The record "Kolzov's Gift of Light" conveys inner peace, strengthens positive intentions and wish fulfilment, opens the consciousness to the Higher Self, promotes personality development and supports transformation work in spiritual development.


The record "Kolzov's Gift of Light":

  • supports the physiological functions of the main human organ systems, contributes to the general regeneration of the functional state of the whole organism, strengthens the immune system and increases immunity   
  • is an effective means of correcting and preventing a wide range of diseases, including at the stage of their emergence and development
  • promotes cooperation and the proper functioning of all internal organs and organ systems
  • promotes the formation and absorption of vitamins and minerals, micro and macro elements
  • has a strong effect on harmonising and purifying the consciousness, helps to find and maintain balance, promotes confidence, stability, inner strength, goodwill, friendliness, peace, security and trust in the flow of life
  • promotes mental flexibility in order to be able to react quickly and appropriately to changes in external conditions and live in the here and now
  • supports personality development: the psychological birth and manifestation of the "own self", the formation of the personality of a person in its uniqueness, originality and individuality in one's own life and in society
  • stimulates creative energy, promotes lightness, joy, the ability to obtain a balanced sensual pleasure from life, contributes to the development of the creative potential of man and to the increase of perceived spirituality
  • helps to get rid of bad habits (alcohol addiction etc.) on a psychological level, supports the cleansing of the physical body from their consequences
  • strengthens and increases the energetic level of the person, promotes the maintenance of the energetic balance and the stabilisation of the astral body, intuition and the ability to listen to "one's own body"
  • as an effective protective panel, it protects against energetic and informational influences and helps to assert one's position in conflict situations, such as arguments, disputes, etc., and is also indispensable for expressing one's own views and positions in constructive discussions
  • promotes rejuvenation of the body, harmonious mental and physical development, maintaining the balance between physical and astral body


On the plate "Kolzov's Gift of Light" the polarization of water from a natural spring (water capsule) at a depth of 500 m is stored, which has its source in Simbuchovo in Mokshan district of the Penza region.


TIP: Water energised with the plate "Koltsov's Gift of Light" has a gentle cleansing effect on the body (i.e. the water reacts as a natural sorbent). In order to intensify the rejuvenating effect even more, it is recommended to energize cosmetics such as creams, serums or tonics with the plate in addition to consuming the energized water.


ATTENTION: With this plate, the water for energising should be placed on it for at least 8 hours (!!!), so it is easiest to do this overnight.


!!! Please note that the offered products are not medical devices, do not promise a cure and can in no case replace a visit to your attending doctor !!!