FC Elite - Inka

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Personal development, intuition, spirituality



The extraordinary plate "Inka" helps to bring one's own actions into harmony with one's own destiny and with creation. It facilitates the understanding of deeper structures in the personality and in society and helps to gain insight into the meaning of every thought, word and deed for the general energy and state of consciousness of the planet.

The plate " Inka":

  • helps to better perceive and understand one's own destiny within oneself   
  • strengthens the connection between soul and body, promotes intuition and intuitive concrete action in accordance with its purpose and in the "flow of life"
  • also supports the ability to foresee events in order to achieve one's own goals faster and more easily and to make the right decisions and create helpful situations at an early stage
  • helps to better feel the connections between the subtle and material world and to create energies for one's actions in a state of harmony between soul and body
  • fills with calm and powerful energy, clarifies feelings, gives confidence and promotes an active attitude to life
  • contributes to the manifestation of creative abilities, prepares for the positive in "creative crises" and helps to free oneself from energetic, emotional and spiritual stagnation
  • helps to make complex decisions in difficult times, oriented towards the highest goals of the universe

This extraordinary plate makes it easier to reach a state in which one can consciously perceive the connections between people and events. In this way one can develop an understanding of the meaning of every thought, word and deed to the general energy and consciousness state of the planet.

On the Kolzov Plate "Inka", among other things, the information of various power places around Machu Picchu in Peru is stored.

TIP: The plate "Inca" is compatible with all Kolzov plates published so far, especially recommended is a combination with the plates: "Powerful Water", "Holy Cave", "Golden Sand", "Long Life", "Neurovita", "Winner".

For this plate the water for energizing should be placed on it for at least 2 hours. Drink the water and wear the plate on your body.


!!! Please note that the products on offer are not medical products, do not promise healing and can in no way replace a visit to your doctor!!!