FC Elite - Gold of the Gobi Desert

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Aura protection and cleansing, balance of body, mind and soul


KOLZOV Gold of the Gobi Desert

According to Kolzov, the plate "The Gold of the Gobi Desert" is the strongest protective plate ever for the upper chakras from the 4th chakra, the heart chakra, to the crown chakra and even the 8th chakra. It complements the special plate "Kolzov's Gift of Light", which was designed as the strongest protection for the lower chakras and offers a strong energy supply. It is especially suitable for illnesses of unknown cause, chronic diseases, for recovery and rehabilitation after operations, generally for strengthening the immune system, in case of strong psychological stress and in difficult life situations. It can also be used to support and intensify body and energy work such as yoga, tai-chi, eastern martial arts, meditation and many more.


The plate "The Gold of the Gobi Desert" from the new series of collection plates is especially suitable for:

  • strong aura protection: helps to establish and maintain a powerful protection of the personal bio-field; promotes protection against energetic and informational attacks, which may emanate from other people or unconsciously from oneself (autoaggression)   
  • advanced aura cleansing: prevents the unauthorised intrusion of information programmes of a higher level than those known and existing so far, and eliminates them
  • spiritual development: contributes to the awakening and activation of the centre of consciousness responsible for controlling the energetic state of the personality and the entire energetic structure of the human being
  • alleviates and prevents the development of psychosomatic and related physical diseases of any kind
  • helps to achieve and maintain a state of harmonious balance between emotional and energetic, material and spiritual areas - i.e. a harmony of body, mind and soul - and strengthens a positive attitude towards life
  • Personality development: helps to achieve and maintain a state of inner well-being and to transform negative life situations into useful life experiences
  • strengthens the sense of unity of the inner and outer world and into a deep connection with creation
  • promotes personal development and strengthens self-confidence in order to be able to openly express one's own independent point of view and assert one's views and interests in the face of foreign, imposed opinions, stereotyped ways of thinking and manipulation (feelings of guilt, duty and other destructive effects of such influences)
  • contributes to the harmonious development and functioning of both sides of the brain, which is important for independent, analytical and creative thinking, and supports the coherence and development of physical, mental, spiritual and emotional intelligence
  • strengthens the immune system - also in chronic and long-lasting illnesses and during seasonal waves of illness
  • is an effective energetic aid for disorders of the autonomic nervous system, weakness, drowsiness, exhaustion and high emotional and mental stress
  • is an intensive energetic aid for various diseases of the bronchi and lungs, the cardiovascular and nervous systems


The plate "The Gold of the Gobi Desert" contains, among other things, the information of the water from 4 holy springs that originate in the Gobi in Mongolia.


ATTENTION: For this plate the water should be placed on it for at least 7 hours (!!!) to energize, so it is best to simply place a bottle of water or carafe on it overnight and drink it throughout the day. You can also spray the energised water to clean the room.


TIP 1: If you use the plate "Gold of the Gobi Desert" together with the plate "Kolzov's Gift of Light", the potential of these plates for healing, harmonization and awareness can unfold optimally. They create a powerful energetic protection and raise the vibration level of each user to a higher level. They provide stable aura protection even in difficult situations, even if the plates of the golden series like No. 20 and No. 23 are not felt to be sufficient.
Therefore, always wear the panel when you have to enter a negative environment.


TIP 2: The plate "The Gold of the Gobi Desert" can also be very well combined with the plates: "Indi", "True Love", "Harmony" and "Love Yin" (women) and "Love Yang" (men), "Lhasa", "Mountain Altar", "Golden Sand", "Holy Cave", "Restart Cleaning" and "Restart Filling" as well as with the amplifier plate "Kamerton".


!!! Please note that the offered products are not medical devices, do not promise a cure and can in no case replace a visit to your attending doctor !!!