FC Elite - Peace

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The plate "Peace" promotes the connection with the energies of peace and activates the feeling of joy that goes along with appeasement or peace making.



By using the plate "Peace" the possibility of living constantly in a state of inner peace (through the connection with the energies of peace of Goddess Nav) and to feel the state of divine joy through appeasement (gift of Goddess Nav) and peace, long forgotten by mankind, is opened up.

The plate "Peace":

  • activates and harmonises peace among the four basic elements in nature and man,   
  • opens up the space of freedom and enables the manifestation of the associated external and internal permanence and abundance,
  • helps to fill ourselves and our personal environment with harmony, creative positive energy and higher light vibrations,
  • guides the energies of peace into the human soul as well as into the surrounding space,
  • helps to resolve conflicts on different levels, from the inner state of a person to the social environment of varying degrees,
  • stimulates the activation of the divine emotion of the "Gift of the Goddess Nav" - the feeling of joy that arises from appeasement,
  • helps to recognise and accept the laws of the universe of peace, love and harmony and teaches to live in a state of fulfilment, joy and happiness,
  • contributes to the processing of psychological traumas and has a balancing effect after having lived through tragedies, disasters and negative events.

Recommendations for use:

  • It is most useful to energise water or food with the plate "Peace" around 11 o'clock in the morning, with blessing words.   
  • The feeling of divine peace can be anchored in yourself with the help of the plate. To do this, take the plate "Peace" in your right hand, tighten your neck slightly and touch the right carotid artery with your right hand, in which you hold the plate. Then change sides - take the plate in your left hand and touch your left carotid artery.
  • By energizing the following foods, the plate "Peace" gives strength and energy: pistachios, pumpkin, cherries, black pigeon, oats, cinnamon.
  • By listening to or playing musical instruments, such as the piano or string instruments (e.g., guitar), this plate stimulates the energies of divine peace.
  • When we feel gentleness and peace inside, this is also transferred to our outer environment and this allows us to live a life in peaceful conditions.

On the plate "Peace" the polarisation of the cosmic channel of the Goddess Nav is stored.

TIP: The plate "Peace" can be used separately or in combination with other plates, such as "Lhasa", "Secret Lake", "Holy Cave" and "Mountain Altar" (series Exclusive), "Indi" (series Collection) and the plates "Secret of the Wise", "Lake Manasarovar - Kailash" as well as "Spring Green Tara - Kailash", " Wonderworker", "Kolzov's Gift of Light" and "Code of the Gobi" and "Gold of the Gobi Desert" (Elite series).
The time for energizing water with the help of the plate "Peace" is about 6 hours.

!!! Please note that the products offered are not medical products, do not promise healing and can in no way replace a visit to your attending doctor !!!