FC Elite - Eternity

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The plate "Eternity" promotes the connection with the energies of eternity and activates the feeling of joy that comes with being able to feel eternity.


KOLZOV Eternity

The use of the "Eternity" plate stimulates the awakening of the energies of longevity as well as of eternity slumbering within us, thus enabling us to remember the forgotten divine emotion associated with the gift of the goddess Kostroma, the "bonfire" - the joy that comes from feeling eternity. This is very important, because man can achieve everything he can imagine and feel.

The plate "Eternity":

  • stimulates man's striving for the original divine source - the eternity of being in active consciousness and physical health,   
  • aimed at increasing life expectancy, it gives a long life span in both physical and mental health,
  • promotes man's connection with the energies of righteousness and the laws of harmony in the universe,
  • contributes to the attainment of spiritual beauty and wealth,
  • directs the consciousness towards the manifestation of the divine purpose and the true soul tasks,
  • stimulates the gradual activation of the state of absolute divine love
  • contributes to the joy of creation, the recognition of achievement and respect in the soul, which leads to true soul greatness and anchors the soul in the energies of eternity,
  • supports the attainment of a harmonious state in the processes that take place outside in order to achieve psychological balance and well-being,
  • helps to restore the ancestral memory and to experience the support of the ancestors for accepting and absorbing new energies,
  • helps to create a space full of love in one's own life and personal environment - to love and be loved,
  • contributes to the vision of your life by giving you a wider horizon and the ability to recognise and accept new energies to shape your life and create an atmosphere of love and goodness around you,
  • activates the divine feeling of "bonfire", the gift of the goddess Kostroma - the joy of feeling of eternity.

Recommendations for use:

  • The best time to work with the plate is the eighth hour of the morning, as the holy number of the goddess Kostroma is 8. Kostroma is the Russian goddess of spring and fertility, her name is derived from "Kostjor", which means bonfire, beacon. The plate can also be used to bless and energise food.   
  • The plate "Eternity" helps to anchor within oneself the state of joy and inner harmony that arise from the feeling of being connected with the energies of eternity. To do this, take the plate "Eternity" in your right hand, tighten your neck slightly and with your right hand, in which you hold the plate, touch the right carotid artery. Then change sides - take the plate in your left hand and touch your left carotid artery.
  • By energizing the following foods, the plate "Eternity" gives strength and energy: peanuts, cucumber, blackberries, cow mushrooms, rye and marjoram
  • By listening to or playing musical instruments such as the harmonium (keyboard harmonica) and guitar, this plate stimulates the energies of eternity and long life.

On the plate "Eternity" the polarisation of the cosmic energy channel of the goddess Kostroma is stored.

TIP: The plate "Eternity" is compatible with all previously released plates. It is especially recommended to use it with the plates: "Longevity", "Winner" and "Harmony" (Green series), "Anti-Cataclysm" (Exlusive series), "Bliss", "Indi" (Collection series) and the plates "Mystery of the Wise", " Inka", "Source Green Tara - Kailash", " Wonderworker" and "Kolzov's Gift of Light" (Elite series).
The time for energizing water with the help of the plate "Eternity" should not exceed 6 hours.

!!! Please note that the products offered are not medical products, do not promise healing and can in no way replace a visit to your doctor!!!