FC Elite - Endovita

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Healthy digestion, pancreas and gall bladder, for diabetes and intestinal problems


KOLZOV Endovita

The "ENDOVITA" plate is particularly recommended for:

  • all persons who are undergoing long-term medication and are taking, for example, hormones, antibiotics, anti-rheumatic drugs and the like over a long period of time   
  • in general for people who have an unbalanced diet and are not adequately supplied with natural, high-quality food
  • in autoimmune and metabolic diseases (diabetes, obesity, intestinal diseases, particularly of the small intestine) and other gastrointestinal diseases
  • it is particularly recommended for people suffering from acute and chronic diseases and inflammation of the pancreas or gall bladder

The plate "Endovita":

  • supports the digestion and metabolism in general, especially in the case of unbalanced nutrition, long-term use of medication and intestinal and metabolic diseases   
  • serves specifically to prevent and correct diseases of the pancreas (acute and chronic pancreatitis, cyst formation)
  • helps with inflammation, cysts, stones and the formation of PICs (abnormal cells) in and on the pancreas
  • promotes and harmonises hormone production for carbohydrate metabolism (insulin and glucagon)
  • regulates and supports the formation and activity of digestive enzymes in the small intestine, thus improving the digestive process and nutrient absorption
  • helps with feelings of fullness, nausea, vomiting, flatulence, alternating constipation and diarrhoea and other digestive disorders
  • also helps with inflammation of the gall bladder

Information of the Mayan energy channel "Tami", which is a valuable energetic aid for diseases of the pancreas, is stored on the plate. The plate can be combined very well with the Kolzov plate "Balance".

With this plate, the water for energizing should be placed on it for at least 20 minutes.

!!! Please note that the offered products are not medical products, do not promise a cure and can in no case replace a visit to your attending doctor !!!