FC Elite - Code of Gobi

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Rhythmics, regeneration, strengthening and sport, for new courage to face life


KOLZOV Code of Gobi

The plate "Code of Gobi" strengthens and brings the organism back into its original rhythm. It helps athletes and active people as well as people with illnesses or in states of weakness due to shift work or jet lag. The plate brings valuable energetic help in case of seasonal illnesses, in recovery phases due to illness, in case of nervous and physical exhaustion and longer lasting psychological complaints or depressions. It helps in life situations in which one feels like "in a hamster wheel", is constantly under stress and one cannot break out of a constant rut. At the same time, it supports the development of personal characteristics, talents and qualities.

The plate "Code of Gobi":

  • strengthens the natural dynamics and rhythm of the physiological processes in the body and improves the interaction of all organs and systems; only through the better interaction can a profound regeneration, healing and health maintenance be made possible   
  • energetically supports the effective correction and prevention of various diseases, in particular of the urogenital system, cardiovascular system, nervous system, hearing and vision
  • energetically relieves acute problems in the cardiovascular system, headaches, migraines or depression and attacks of aggression
  • helps to activate and charge the chakras (especially the 2nd, 4th, 7th and 8th chakras), supports the accumulation and harmonious distribution of vital energy throughout the body
  • helps to maintain a state of physical and emotional vitality
  • improves the emotional mood, promotes the courage to face life and helps to tackle activities
  • connects with the energies of the universe and leads to a state of love, abundance, openness and trust in the world
  • helps to develop the ability to experience great joy of life and to share it with others
  • helps to gain a deeper inner knowledge of one's own life and personality with all its facets, helps to gain insights into one's actual life goals and talents and into the actual world events (according to the respective stage of development of consciousness)
  • aims to identify and eliminate all possible foreign energies and programmes, energy and information invasions, including the introduction of artificially created programmes by means of influence on body fluids (influence via blood, urine, saliva, sperm)
  • regenerates the aura and bio-energy field of the organism and increases the level of vibration to create an effective protection against external energies, external information and external determination

The "Code of Gobi" plate contains, among other things, the information of a sacred source that originates in the central part of the Gobi desert in Mongolia.

NOTE: For this plate, the water should be placed on it for at least 4 hours to energize it.

TIP 1: Combined use with the " Wonderworker " plate increases the effectiveness for healing and activating life energy and for maintaining energetic protection.
Drink water that has been energised with the help of the plate. You can use the plate for cleansing rituals and carry the plate with you when you are in an environment with negative or unknown atmosphere. At the same time, the plate can also be used for sports or meditation.

TIP 2: The plate "Code of Gobi" can also be combined very well with the plates "Winner", "Powerful Water", "Kamerton", Indi", "Harmony", "Lhasa", "Mountain Altar" and "Holy Cave".


!!! Please note that the products on offer are not medical products, do not promise healing and can in no way replace a visit to your treating doctor!!!