NEW: FC Elite - Preserver of Life

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This corrector supports the activation of energetic protection and protects and preserves us in dangerous times. - DELIVERY TIME up to 12 days!


KOLZOV Preserver of Life

When you use the "Preserver of Life" plate, the possibility opens up to live constantly in the state of joy triggered by the knowledge of protection and preservation. You will live under the protection of the forces of light, experience the support of the goddess Bereginja and experience the joyful feeling "Beredast", which the goddess gives us after overcoming dangers.

The plate "Preserver of Life":

  • facilitates finding protection and support in life, protects the family, the gender and all living creatures,   
  • helps to preserve and maintain the beauty and grace of nature and our Mother Earth,
  • helps the soul to reach a higher energetic level of vibration and to recognise and open its best and highest qualities,
  • Promotes the preservation of friendship, love and human creation as a result of the interaction of our creativity with the Higher Powers,
  • raises the human being to higher levels of consciousness, opens the soul and supports the perception of supersensible sensations so that advice and hints from the Higher Powers can be better received,
  • activates the belief in "miracles" and opens the understanding to experience divine help and support in various situations of life,
  • protects against false knowledge, against alien and externally imposed desires and extraterrestrial pretensions,
  • opens the awareness that the world is the house of man, in which one lives in goodness, everyone is open to the light, protects and preserves his love and thus the whole planet,
  • shelters and protects in difficult and life-threatening times,
  • helps to preserve what we already have (both spiritually and materially),
  • helps and gives support in simple and difficult matters,
  • has an anti-inflammatory effect on diseases of the musculoskeletal system (arthritis, arthrosis, bursitis, etc.), especially after injuries,
  • supports the regeneration of cartilage tissue and has a slight analgesic effect when used over a long period of time,
  • improves the microcirculation of the blood, relaxes the smooth musculature in diseases of the central nervous system and is therefore used in the long-term treatment of infantile cerebral palsy (ICP), multiple sclerosis as well as plegias and pareses. Its use is also recommended in the period following a stroke or craniocerebral trauma,
  • has an anti-inflammatory effect in diseases of the pelvic organs, especially in cases of lack of exercise and long periods of sitting,
  • can be used in complex treatment programmes for diseases of the thyroid gland as well as the vocal cords and has an overall harmonising effect on the fifth, the throat chakra,
  • promotes the absorption of B-group vitamins, which has a positive effect on the condition of skin, hair and nails,
  • reduces the effects of nervous and psychological stress, has an "inhibiting" effect, leads to a state of calm and harmony, allows one to correctly assess any situation, eliminates the habit of constructing negative images of the future,
  • helps to develop and express oneself in the social environment, to control emotions and speech,
  • is recommended for stress and depressive syndromes,
  • helps to work with the family and the ancestral field, blocks the negative programmes of past generations and resolves karmic problems.

Recommendations for use:

  • Energising water or food with the "Preserver of Life" plate can be done at any time. Supplementary information: Around 10 o'clock in the morning is a particularly favourable time to make use of the support of this plate during energetic practices, meditations or prayers.   
  • A new user should only work with the plate for a short time at first, so that a gradual habituation to the new energies can be ensured.
  • The feeling of joy that springs from the knowledge of protection and support can be anchored within us with the help of the plate. To do this, take the plate in your right hand, slightly tense the neck and touch the right carotid artery with the right hand in which you are holding the plate for the duration of 10 heartbeats. Then switch sides - take the plate in your left hand and touch your left carotid artery with it.
  • By listening to or playing musical instruments, such as the Schaleika or the 5-string Tonica guitar, this plate stimulates the energies of protection and preservation.
  • The colour blue and the chalcedony in combination with the plate "Preserver of Life" give the power of the goddess Bereginja, the protector.


The polarisation of the cosmoenergetic channel of the goddess Bereginja is stored on the "Preserver of Life" plate.

TIP: The "Preserver of Life" plate can be used separately as well as in combination with other plates, such as No. 16 (Lilac series), No. 23 (Gold series), "Woman" as well as "Man" (Green series), the plates "Formula of Love - YIN" as well as "Formula of Love - YAN" and "Black Mountain" (Exclusive series) and the plates "Source Green Tara - Kailash", "Code of the Gobi Desert" and "Gold of the Gobi Desert" (Elite series).

The duration for energising water with the help of the "Preserver of Life" plate should be 4 hours.


!!! Please note that the products on offer are not medical products, do not promise healing and can in no way replace a visit to your treating doctor!!!