FC blue 3 - female hormone regulation

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activation of harmonisation in the female hormonal metabolism (harmonisation for women, "YIN plate", for basic regulation)


KOLZOV female hormone regulation

The biologically active fields of plate FC 3 activate the harmonization in the hormonal metabolism of women, especially oestrogen. This is an important part of Information Medicine, as these hormones have a key function on well-being, performance, mood and thus on the movement of life. At the same time they help to neutralise toxins that upset the hormone balance. The metabolically active organs such as the thyroid, pancreas, liver and kidneys are regulated and the entire urogenital tract is balanced. In the event of hormonal or sexual disharmonies, the FC 3 plate should be placed on the crown of the head for several minutes every day to harmonise the pituitary gland and hypothalamus as the control centres for the entire endocrine system and hormone metabolism (also carry it with you and place it under your pillow at night). This plate is not suitable for children.

The following applications have been documented by Russian users with significant results:

  • balancing and normalising the endocrine system (glandular system) and female hormone metabolism   
  • Regulator for all "women's diseases"
  • anti-aging effect on the whole organism, rejuvenation of all biological systems
  • Tissue regeneration (also for cellulite)
  • Regulation of serotonin release
  • Balancing and normalising the microbial stomach environment
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Improvement of brain blood circulation
  • Regulation of biorhythms and their control of the brain, central nervous system and internal organs
  • Activation and normalisation of the acid-base regulation of the blood


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