FC blue 2 - Detoxification, rejection and basic regulation 2

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The optimal regeneration and self-regulation of the cells is the main theme of this record.


KOLZOV Detoxification, rejection and basic regulation 2

An overacidified and slagging cell is not supplied with optimal cell energy. As a result, it can only repair itself to a limited extent and is difficult to renew. Every form of infectious disease or chronic illness is always an expression of blocked regenerative energies, which are usually caused by a harmful, low-energy lifestyle. The Kolzov Plate FC 2 generates fields of the highest order for the regeneration of biological systems, enabling them to carry out their self-regulation and thus self-healing independently. The biologically active fields not only release the metabolic "waste products" from the tissues and organs, but also help to remove them immediately through the detoxification channels.

This can take different lengths of time - the important thing is to supply sufficient quantities of energised water (2 - 4 litres/day, or 30ml per kg body weight) so that the metabolic waste, environmental toxins and the resulting decay products of parasites can be eliminated from the cells and extracellular spaces. The water should be placed on the FC 2 plate for 5-10 minutes to energize it. Water is important for all healing processes that are stimulated by the plate - especially for regulations in brain, blood, lymph or kidney.

The following applications have been documented by Russian users with significant results:

  • Purification and elimination of toxins from the body   
  • Help with infectious intoxication
  • Regeneration of vessels and capillaries
  • promotes regeneration after strokes, infarcts, coma, operations, serious accidents, traumas, chemotherapy, burns, poisoning
  • helps with swelling and joint pain
  • Strengthening and standardisation of the immune system
  • Regulation of the metabolism
  • breaks down acid deposits (so-called oxals such as bladder, gallstones and kidney stones)
  • accelerates regeneration in eye, respiratory and ENT diseases
  • analgesic for headache, toothache, joint and muscle pain and other aches and pains (simply place on the painful area)

!!! Please note that the products on offer are not medical products, do not promise a cure and can in no way replace a visit to your treating doctor !!!