FC blue 8 - Night Formula

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Especially during sleep the Kolzov Plate FC 8 corrects possible disorders in all functional systems of the organism (regulation of the whole organism at night, energetic relaxation)


KOLZOV Night Formula

When we sleep, our entire organism regenerates and repairs itself. The release of melatonin is of central importance in order to reach the important regenerative deep sleep phases in the first place. A reduced ability to synthesise melatonin can contribute to the development of many chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, sleep disorders, asthma or depression. The aging process is also linked in many ways to melatonin production - but from the age of about 30 years, the body's own melatonin production decreases. Melatonin is one of the strongest natural antioxidants and immune modulators and protects our cells and tissue. The FC 8 plate regulates the body's own melatonin production and increases it again to a healthy level.

Equally important is its regulating effect on the production of the stem cells needed for cell renewal, the regulation of the hormonal system, the acid-base balance and the biorhythms of the entire biological system.

The plate also harmonises the nervous system and provides, for example, recovery after high stress levels during the day. Stress does not only damage through the by-products of the cortisol metabolism. Stress also causes the release of the astral nerve poison "Imperil5", which is distributed along the nerve tracts, thus inhibiting the flow of prana energy, on the other hand it also prevents the establishment of ethereal-astral bridges, which has a consciousness-degenerating effect.

The following areas of application have been documented by Russian users with significant results:

  • Regeneration and rejuvenation of the entire system   
  • Regulation of the pineal gland (melatonin)
  • Regulation of the thyroid gland (thyroxine)
  • Regeneration of the glandular system and regulation of hormone metabolism
  • Regulation of stem cell release
  • Regulation of the acid-base balance
  • Regulation of protein biosynthesis (sirtuin)
  • Harmonisation for all chronic diseases
  • Harmonisation of the central nervous system
  • Regulation of blood pressure
  • Anti-aging effect and prevention from the age of 30
  • Stimulation of cognitive thinking and much more...

The FC 8 plate can also be used very well during meditation because of its relaxing effect.


!!! Please note that the products on offer are not medical products, do not promise a cure and can in no way replace a visit to your attending doctor !!!